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Welcome to our website We are all about online casinos, slot machines and the casino bonus. Expect extensive test from reputable online casinos that stand for security and lots of fun in online gambling. There is daily fresh casino news. This will give you an idea of where the next grandiose slot machine, the new live casino game or the next groundbreaking experience of a mobile casino is waiting for you. Here, we attach particular importance to giving you a comprehensive overview of where to get the best casino bonus for you.

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Online Casinos - Casino Bonus - Casino GamesAt CasinoandChips we will explain to you in detail how every online game is played. Also, we will provide a brief history of how each game developed an insight into its rules and the strategies, that will be invaluable to learn, understand and master each casino game so that your online gaming experience will be both enjoyable and profitable.

If you like to play the traditional table games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette, we will guide you on how you might be able to beat the odds. If you think that slots might be your game or are itching to give video poker a try, then look no further.

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Heard enough? Feel that you are ready to take your first steps online, we suggest that you do so as a guest player until you are willing to play for real money. Whatever your choice, take a run through our long list of casino reviews to find out which one of the top casinos you feel might suit you best.

When you are ready to make your first deposit, we will give you the lowdown on which of the many deposit methods might be the best for you. You may have heard how free online casinos can be in handing out welcome bonuses. At CasinoandChips we will lay bare the secrets of how you can take full advantage of the online casino bonus systems that online casinos offer. We will give an in-depth description of the various deposit methods that online casinos provide, as well explaining how to withdraw your winnings!

The future belongs to online casinos

Since the mid-90s, the online casinos have developed rapidly. Today you are spoiled for choice from many online casinos. These differ not only in their offer of the live casino, slot machines and mobile casino. But also with the online casino bonus, which comes in different forms. While the gambling houses have almost stopped in their development, you will find a casino bonus, free spins, loyalty programs or even a no deposit bonus in almost all reputable PayPal Casinos in the UK (visit Especially the bonus without deposit is the easiest way to test a new online casino. On our website, we inform you about new bonus offers and show you on which conditions the casino bonus is attached. This will allow you to get the most out of your passion for online gambling in the future.

In addition to the wide range of different casino bonuses, online casinos have the advantage that you can gamble here 24 hours a day at any time. The best thing is that you can not do this from home on the PC, but on the go via a smartphone or tablet in the mobile casino. The selection of online casino games is almost inexhaustible. The payout percentages are much higher in the slot machines than in the gambling booths around the corner.

Security works for online casinos

A high casino bonus or a casino bonus without deposit is often the main reason for signing up for an online casino. The joy of a great offer can quickly turn into trouble if there are problems with the payout of winnings or if player accounts are blocked for no apparent reason. Therefore, a valid online casino license for the online casino is important. This not only gives you the certainty that this virtual gambling hall is constantly being checked. It ensures that player and youth protection are respected. Besides, the license ensures that the RNGs (Random Generators) work independently and are not tampered with. The operator of the online casino must always have enough money to pay off their winnings.

With the large selection of online casino today and the immense competition, today no reputable virtual game hall can afford more to turn crooked things. Almost always when cases are reported where money is not being paid, an online casino has been played without a valid license or violated the bonus terms.
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Reputable online casinos can be controlled independently

Trusted Casinos - Reputable Online CasinosIn addition to the online casino license, reputable online casinos have other security features. Many online casinos work with eCogra, GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), the TST or the TÜV. These are all independent controllers that you can contact if you have any problems. Even an SSL encryption to protect your personal information from access by third parties is now the standard of a reputable online casino.

The fight against gambling addiction is taken very seriously in the reputable online casinos. So there is always the possibility of a self-lock. In some internet casinos even the option to set a limit for the maximum loss per week or month. In addition, many online casinos work together with gambling addiction advice centers such as GamCare, gambleaware or the Federal Center for Health Education.

The casino bonus opens the door to the world of online casinos

The most important casino bonus is the Welcome Bonus. Not infrequently, this decides whether you are interested in a particular online casino. This casino bonus comes in different forms. Sometimes it is a single welcome bonus that doubles or multiplies your playable balance after the first deposit. Or it consists of a staggered casino bonus, which grants you different bonuses in succession with up to four or five deposits. Not always the biggest welcome bonus must be the best casino bonus. Unreasonable bonus conditions, such as playing 100 times in 7 days, make it almost impossible for you to benefit from your bonus balance. Here sometimes less is more if the total welcome bonus package and turnover conditions are realistic. In our section Casino Tests, you will find everything you need to know about the offered casino bonus for new customers. This will help you to find out the best offer for yourself.

In reputable online casinos the wagering requirements for your first deposit, plus the bonus granted, are between 25 and 40 times. This gives you enough time to be able to fulfil the associated bonus conditions without great stress. For a short time, the first online casinos have come to the conclusion that new customers only have to implement the bonus credit several times and the first deposit remains unaffected.
You love free spins or bonuses directly on selected slot machines, then we have the right offer

Not always, the casino bonus for new customers must be linked directly to a granted bonus credit. Not infrequently, online casinos offer a welcome bonus with free spins for the friends of the free spins. You can use these after depositing to certain, specified by the online casino slot machines. The resulting winnings are then converted into bonus credits, which are subject to certain conditions. If you fulfil these, the winnings are paid out. Here it makes sense for you to deal exactly with the bonus conditions in your favourite online casino. The decisive factor is not how many free spins are granted, but the bet per payline with which the free spins are played. Equally important is the number of paylines granted in a free spin and of course how often you have to convert the bonus balance in which period of the free spins.

The casino bonus with free spins is a double-edged sword. Because unlike the welcome bonus with a fixed bonus amount, it is a matter of luck how much bonus balance you get out of the free spins at the end. This can be significantly higher than the fixed amount or significantly lower. Not infrequently you will come across a special casino bonus that offers you a fixed bonus balance and free spins.
The Casino Bonus for the Live Casino

In addition to the Casino Bonus, which provides new customers with start-up capital and can be used almost anywhere, there has been a special welcome bonus for some time now. This is aimed at the friends of classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat. While the bonus conditions for the standard welcome bonus can be met both at slot machines and at the live casino, but here usually only around 20 percent pro rata, the special casino bonus for the live casino is solely reserved for this area. Even though the majority of players prefer the slot machines, the number of live casino players is not to be despised. For a long time, this group had to torment themselves by their not popular slot machines, to meet the bonus conditions. Luckily these times are over. If you prefer live roulette or other games in the online casino, then you are in the future with this casino bonus only for the live casino at the right place. Here are other bonus conditions that are tailored to this area.

In some online casinos, which have a huge offer of online gambling, you will not only find a special casino bonus for the live casino; you can also find a bingo bonus, a sports betting bonus, a poker bonus or different combinations of different bonuses.
The no deposit bonus is the perfect choice for testing

No Deposit Casino BonusBy far the most popular casino bonus is without a doubt the no deposit bonus. Often this led to the gamblers have found their preferred online casino. Without big bells and whistles, there is a small bonus credit right after the registration, with which you can dive into the world of slot machines and go hunting for the big prize. Unlike the standard welcome bonus, this is usually much lower, since you make no deposit here in the online casino. Also, the bonus conditions and the maximum payout of winnings are significantly tightened. If you want to test an internet casino first, then the no deposit bonus is your first choice.

The no deposit bonus is offered by online casinos much less. Mostly not for a long time. That’s why it pays off to check our website now and then or on Facebook. For you, we regularly scour the World Wide Web for the best casino bonuses.

Free spins without deposit can be found now and then

As with the no deposit bonus, some online casinos also offer free spins for lukewarm. After registration in the casino, the free spins land directly in your gaming account. As with the welcome bonus with free spins, here the free spins are mostly tied to certain slot machines. You can redeem these free spins only there. You should also look at what paylines and how much they are offered and what bonus conditions the resulting winnings are subject to. As a result, your enthusiasm for playing is not marred by strict conditions. If you decide for free spins without the deposit, then decide here, in the end, the luck, whether the subsequent bonus credit from the profits of the free spins very good or rather bad.

Among the most popular slot machines that are offered without deposit to new customers in the online casino include the ultimate classic BOOK OF RA by Novoline or GONZO`S QUEST and STARBURST by NetEnt.

With the Reload Bonus you will continue to increase your playable balance

As the name suggests, the Reload Bonus is a casino bonus that is no longer aimed at new customers. It is aimed at players who have already found their preferred online casino. If your account is empty due to a previous payout or a small losing streak, then the Reload Bonus is good enough to change that. With this, you can refill your playable balance. You can increase your balance by a granted bonus. Here are similar bonus conditions as well as the welcome bonus. In most cases, the amount deposited and the bonus granted must be dealt with multiple times at slot machines or the live casino before all conditions are met, and any winnings can be paid out.

From time to time, you can also find a reload bonus that will give you some free spins as the icing on the cake.
Cashback – the small safety net in the online casino

Just as the network of social security in real life protects people from falling into the abyss, today more and more online casinos offer a similar safety net against total loss while gambling with cashback. Once you have gambled on the slot machine, live casino, or even poker, a good online casino will give you a cashback. With this bonus, you get a part of your money back. In most cases in the form of a casino bonus. Not infrequently, these cashbacks are also part of a loyalty program in which players who have been playing in this online casino for a long time receive back a portion of their losses every week. Of course, as with all casino bonuses, different bonus terms tie the cash back to a specific revenue, slot, or live casino game.

Before you want to take advantage of a certain cashback that is not automatically granted to you, it is worth taking a close look at the cashback bonus terms. This will avoid a rude awakening.

As a VIP, you have significantly more of your online casino

Whether supermarkets with their loyalty cards or other companies with special perks for long-time buyers of their products. The best online casinos do their utmost to keep you in their casino as a customer for as long as possible. That’s why you almost always find a special VIP or loyalty program. This offers you special casino bonuses. It can jump out all forms of bonuses for you. From a reload bonus, over free spins to a better cashback. If you are a member of a VIP program, you can play much more effectively. Get more out of a casino bonus and thus immensely increase your chances of profitable gambling. Other loyalty programs, on the other hand, work in a similar way to the supermarket loyalty cards. Where your sales or deposits generate loyalty points or what they are called in the online casino. With these, you can then incorporate a useful casino bonus or free games and other fine amenities.

In some online casinos, members of a loyalty program or VIP player are offered a different casino bonus daily. This gives you a completely free hand on how to get the maximum profit out of your own strategy.

Is there a special casino bonus for me as a smartphone user?

Mobile Casino at smartphoneUser behavior in online casinos has changed significantly in recent years. Today, the number of gamblers playing via smartphone and tablet in the mobile casino already accounts for more than half of the players in some online casinos. Therefore, if you prefer online gambling on your smartphone, there are plenty of casino bonuses for the mobile casino to discover. These cover everything from welcome bonus, reload bonus to cashback, as you are used to from the classic PC. There are now online casinos that prefer users of the mobile casino. You will be granted a higher casino bonus or, in the case of slot tournaments, twice the number of points in the leaderboard. The playthrough conditions are almost identical to the regular casino bonus. Only in sporadic cases, the rules differ here from the users of the online casino on the PC.

Of course, a prior look at the bonus terms of a special mobile casino offer cannot hurt.
The casino bonus from sweepstakes and tournaments

In an online casino, you can not only receive the Welcome Bonus or the Reload Bonus with a deposit. Again and again, a casino bonus is offered as the icing on the cake in sweepstakes or tournaments in live casinos or slot machines. Sometimes it is up to you to meet certain minimum requirements, which may be a certain turnover, a certain number of rounds or the achievement of a previously well-defined goal. In the end, you get into a big lottery drum, which then holds the coveted casino bonus for some lucky ones. In the tournaments in an online casino, you fight in a competition against other gamblers for the place in the sun in a ranking. Here it is usually necessary to fulfil certain tasks at a slot machine or to make as much as possible turnover. This will then earn you points that determine their place on the leaderboard. The casino bonus is then distributed at the end of the slot machine tournament or, for example, roulette competition only to the best of the best.

Many reputable online casinos have gone into consolation prizes for gamblers who meet the minimum requirements. Unless you discount one of the big prizes, you get a small casino bonus or a few free spins. So it pays off, in the end, the whole effort, if none of the big prices for you jumps out.

The exclusive casino bonus only for our readers of

Of course, we are always on the lookout for you to find the best casino bonuses and are therefore in contact with reputable online casinos. Since it is part of our self-conception to get as much out of you as possible, you will find on our website and Facebook many exclusive casino bonuses only for you as a reader. These are not available anywhere else, only here, and each of these special casino bonuses offers you significantly better conditions compared to the comparable, normal casino bonus. This can be a higher bonus on your first deposit or a reload bonus, or you can find an exclusive no deposit bonus with us. Also, there are always special raffles for our readers, where you also have the chance to dust off an extraordinary casino bonus.

On our site you will always find exclusive casino bonuses, free spins or a no deposit bonus. So check back frequently in our extensive sections “Best Casino Bonus” or no deposit bonus, so you will not miss out on any of the exclusive offers. We regularly feed both areas with the best slot machine tournaments, sweepstakes and promotions reputable online casino. Not only a casino bonus or free spins are waiting for you here, but sometimes great travel, valuable prizes and lots of cash.


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