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Best Online Casino In order to give our readers the choice of the best online casino in fair terms, it is worthwhile taking a closer look at the relevant internet casino as closely as possible. It is also essential for the tester to compare himself in this registration and here also under real conditions. Only then can the results really be meaningful. In our online casino test, we focus on different areas and evaluate them in the overall impression. In addition, we also go into especially positive features of an online casino. This is especially to help our readers to find their matching online casino, which may not be perfect overall, but in the result a specific target group with exact preferences will get their money’s worth. So there are players who have a very high online casino bonus is most important or others who a perfect live casino serves as the main criterion in the decision-making. On the basis of the detailed information that we provide in our top online casinos list, everyone can individually find the right virtual arcade for themselves. In order to have a better view of the various criteria, all important factors such as licenses, offers for casino games, customer service, mobile casino (mobile phone) and also the online casino bonus are evaluated individually.

The overall rating of a casino consists of the result of the individual categories in our online casino test. In the end this only means that this internet casino offers the best result across all areas. However, a particular virtual gambling hall can also serve the specific preferences of a player in a subarea much better than the online casino with the highest overall score.

The best casino rating: Which online casino is the best choice

We test and evaluate as many internet gambling halls as possible. Here, both new online casinos and established (for example, William Hill, 888, Party Casino, Bwin) come under the microscope. Because the market is constantly changing and every day new slot machines, services or functionalities are added to existing casinos.

With so many comparisons, it’s sometimes not so easy to stay up to date. Therefore, we are also pleased about your experiences, remarks, suggestions and comments that you can announce below the article or on our Facebook group!

Online casino is now a dime a dozen and those looking for the best casino bonuses can quickly lose track of this diverse offer. It used to be enough to put a few good slot machines, a few roulette games and a small welcome bonus in front of the player’s nose, but today this hardly attracts a professional behind the stove. Today the player expects a diverse offer, mobile casino, plus dealers of flesh and blood in the live casino and as icing still a tailor-made online casino bonus. And just as in the field of gambling, the selection is always the largest, even the reputable online casinos compete more and more with special offers for the favour of the players. But the biggest casino bonus does not always have to be the best, sometimes a great package of Reload bonus and loyalty program is the better offer. This is exactly where our detailed online casino test comes in, because our main task is to show you in an open and honest way the advantages and disadvantages of a specific virtual arcade. In doing so, we not only limit ourselves to the diverse world of the online casino bonus, but also look closely at the seriousness. Licenses are included as well as customer support, deposit and withdrawal options, as well as the handling of personal data. All this information should tell you at a glance whether it is worth registering in a certain online casino or if you would rather stay away from it.

For each category we also provide special information in which the respective online casino is particularly good or bad. This allows you, according to their very specific requirements, to filter out the best offer among the online casinos we have tested.

Which are the most important areas in an online casino?

Just as with all other consumer goods and here also the online casinos are no exception, there are different interests with the customers. So swears the one on Windows, while for the other Apple is the measure of all things. This can also be transferred to the world of online casinos. Again, there are players for whom the online casino bonus is the most important or you as a gambler want to necessarily play the slot machines of a particular manufacturer, such as BOOK OF RA by Novoline. For this reason, we evaluate different sections in our online casino test and enter into each important point on the strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are looking for the best mobile casino for smartphones or the widest range of live casino games, you will always find a detailed review of these categories in our online casino review. We also tell you not only if the casino bonus offered in an internet casino is good, but also how it works and which possible stumbling blocks can lurk for you. However, the most important point is the language. All of online casino tested and each offered online casino bonuses should be operated and offered in key european markets.

Our criteria in the online casino test:

  • The casino bonus (also bonus programs)
  • The website (presentation, usability, clarity)
  • Casino Games (Slots, Live Casino, Bingo, Scratch Cards)
  • Customer service (live chat, problem solving)
  • Payment methods (deposits and withdrawals, limits, transaction times, PayPal)
  • Overall

The online casino Bons is more than just advertising!

One of the most important factors and decisive criteria for choosing a new online casino is the Welcome Bonus. How much is this? Are the bonus conditions fair? Are there free spins instead of a casino bonus? All these questions are of great interest to us, because every player has personal preferences that he values. In our online casino test we show the different types of welcome bonus and it may be staggered. We’ll discuss exactly how much extra credit you get with your first deposit, and if there are ways to get a little more out of it. In our review, we always take the perspective of the player who wants to get the best out of it. Also, we look at the bonus conditions exactly. Because these rules, after which the welcome bonus is to be used, decide in the end whether this casino bonus really does what it promises. No player uses a welcome bonus, which doubles or triples the amount paid in but has to be converted 100 times in 14 days. In this area, we always attach importance to the fact that a welcome bonus is also fair and the bonus conditions can be mastered by the player without frustration.

Almost always, when it comes to problems with the payment after an online casino bonus was claimed, was violated bonus terms. Therefore, the player here should pay enough attention to the terms and conditions and the individual bonus conditions, so that there is no bad awakening in the end.

Not only the welcome bonus is important in an online casino review

In addition to the important welcome bonus, it is also important for the player to know how to proceed after the first generous offer. Possibly the online casino bonus for the first deposit is exceptionally good, but at the same time the internet casino has already shot off its powder. After all, little presents will win the friendship, so it’s just as important to know which other great offers an online casino has for its customers. This goes beyond an offered reload bonus, cashback and loyalty programs, all of which can help to optimize your own zest for gambling. With the variety of online casinos  these days, the field of online casinos has been immensely enlarged. Every reputable internet casino offers various types of casino bonuses and we bring light into the darkness for you. In our online casino test you discover everything worth knowing about the welcome bonus, the reload bonus or all other special offers. Of course, we will also show you potential stumbling blocks with these criteria, so that they will also be on the safe side when playing games in the future.

Not only the various online casino bonuses make life easier when playing online, also slot tournaments or other top-ups provide variety. If an internet casino is particularly good at keeping your own customers happy and distributing lots of online casino bonuses, then of course we will also cite this in our online casino review.

Which forms of an online casino bonus are there anyway?

Casino Bonus

  • Welcome Bonus

    The first casino bonus you will inevitably find in a new online casino is the welcome bonus and, as the name implies, this is aimed at new customers. He can grant a one-time bonus credit on the first deposit or he is staggered and allows extra credit for up to four other deposits. These are in turn tied to bonus conditions, all of which must be fulfilled by the player, so that later money will be paid out of the bonus balance. The big advantage of this is that you can gamble from the beginning with a much higher credit.

  • Bonus without deposit

    A wonderful casino bonus is the no deposit bonus, which is like no other suitable for first testing an internet casino without having to use your own hard earned toads. This is also like the welcome bonus or any other form of casino bonus, also linked to rules. In addition to the playthrough conditions, however, limits can also occur here that limit the maximum profit that can be paid out from the outset.

  • Online Casino Bonus with free spins

    Not always the welcome bonus must grant only bonus credit. In many cases, online casino also offer this casino bonus in the form of free spins. Instead of a fixed bonus amount you get here a number of free spins that invite immediately to gamble. In this form of casino bonus, the free spins generate the bonus to be received and the accumulated winnings from those free spins then become the bonus balance. Of course, this then has to be implemented just as the bonus conditions as the classic welcome bonus. This casino bonus is particularly suitable for player souls, because the bonuses earned from the free spins can be significantly higher than the normal bonus, but unfortunately also below that.

  • Reload bonus

    The Reload Bonus clearly reveals its function with its name, because it allows you to continue to enjoy bonuses in the online casino even after receiving the welcome bonus when you deposit money. However, this is not aimed at new customers, but to players who are already logged in the Internet casino. Here a further deposit on the own play account with extra account is rewarded. However, the percentage granted for the bonus is usually lower than the welcome bonus. Again, of course, it is important to note the bonus conditions.

  • Cash Back

    The Cashback Bonus is still quite a young instrument among online casino bonuses to inspire players for their own virtual gambling hall. He is sort of a small insurance against losses. Because with the use of a cashback, the player gets a small part of their own losses in the form of a bonus, which then has to be replayed according to the bonus conditions.

  • VIP and loyalty programs

    Also in the large area of ​​the casino bonus fall the so-called VIP or bonus programs. Finally, they make sure that a gambler feels comfortable even after months or even years in an online casino. Above all, these programs are intended to offer added value to long-established players and to reward their loyalty with little attentions time and again. Hardly any Internet casino today renounces such measures for customer loyalty and so there is almost daily a new reload bonus, a cashback or the exclusive participation to a lucrative tournament dust.

All these different areas of the online casino bonus are included in our rating on this point in our online casino test. First of all we focus on the welcome bonus as the main offer of the respective online casino. In addition, then come all the other offers of the Internet casino, which also provide long-term motivation. Of course, if a virtual gambling hall offers a very good offer in one area, we will take a closer look at it. In addition, the online casino test also offers all sorts of important information about the bonus conditions. The final evaluation of the area online casino bonus thus consists of the welcome bonus, the other casino bonus offers and the fairness of the attached bonus conditions.

A reputable online casino always relies on security

Of course, if a gambling site wants to be one of the best online casinos, then there is much more to it than a good casino bonus. And so that there is no bad awakening despite a good offer in the end, we place in our online casino test also very much value on the seriousness and security. Winnings should be paid as long as the bonus terms and conditions have been fulfilled, the personal data is protected and also the protection of players and minors should not be neglected. All of these areas contribute to an unclouded experience in an online casino and are for this reason also extensively tested and rated by us in the field of security.

  • The license in the online casino test
    The absolute main concern for the security of the player in an on-line casino is the license. Because without a concession, there is no independent review and manipulation are open to the floodgates. Since the beginning of the era of online casino, some countries have been particularly prominent in the regulation of online gambling. There are now licenses from Malta, the Isle of Man or Belize. What they all have in common is that there is an independent body that regularly checks the random number generators, ensures that the operator has enough liquid funds to pay it off, and that there is an institution that can help with issues. Particularly good licenses are the concessions from Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Curacao and the oldest ever from Antigua and Barbuda. With the issue of concessions in Schleswig-Holstein in the past, there is also a special license.
  • SSL encryption
    just the license is the encryption of your own data of great importance for the topic of security in an online casino, because who wants to know his account or credit card information in the wrong hands. Especially the processing of high sums of money for deposits and withdrawals requires a high degree of encryption in order to prevent the access of third parties to personal data. Most online casinos use SSL or even TLS encryption here. Of course, in our online casino test we also check how well the personal data of the players are secured in an online casino.
  • Independent random number generators are required in a reputable online casino
    Another important point about security is the independence of the random generators and therefore also this area flows into the evaluation of our online casino test. In all reputable Internet casinos, the operator has no access to the random number generators, ie the software in slot machines, roulette and other casino games. This ensures that it can not be manipulated by the operator in his favor. Today, the random number generators and slot machines themselves are often located on developers’ external servers. In both cases, the license of a gaming authority ensures the constant review and thus security.
  • Other control bodies ensure even more security
    In addition to the license, the verification and the encryption, there are other security features that we enter into our online casino test, provided that they can bring the overall impression additional accents. This includes technical checks in the online casino, such as TST or TÜV, which usually raise the security standard above the required minimum level. There are also offers and cooperation with institutions dedicated to the fight against gambling addiction. Although only a few of us are actually in danger of becoming addicted, the easy finding of a contact like GamCare in an online casino on this important topic is always a welcome measure.

When it comes to gaming, there is not the perfect online casino for everyone

For many players, security and the online casino bonus are important criteria in deciding to sign up for a new internet casino, but by no means the only ones. For as nice as it is to be able to dust off a brilliant casino bonus, it just does not bring much if the offer of online casino games does not match their own ideas. There are people for whom only one virtual gambling arcade in question, which has Novoline slot machines in the program in question. For others, a large selection of live roulette variants or niche products such as scratch cards and bingo are in the foreground. Just as there are countless different preferences, so there are also online casinos that specialise in different audiences. In order to be able to compare these fairly fairly with each other, we evaluate in our online casino test the entire range of all sorts of games. In addition, however, we also go into sub-areas in which the tested online casino has weaknesses or where it is particularly good. In this way, our readers in the online casino test can also be guided by the information on a particular field of online casino games and find the right one for themselves. For fans of the live casino are other online casino games in the foreground, as for the lovers of slot games.

So that you know immediately which slot machines and live casino games a new online casino holds, we show in our on-line casino test of course the most important developers, which you can find here. Be it the german manufacturers Merkur, Novoline, Bally Wulff and Lionline or international names such as NetEnt or Microgaming, you will immediately know what to expect in an online casino.

The future belongs to the mobile casino

Over the years, which is already the online casino test, the mobile casino sector has become a priority. Because today, many online casinos already play more than half of all games via smartphones or tablets. However, unlike at home on the PC, other technical requirements are required when presenting the content on the small screens in the mobile casino. The slot machines or even the live casino must also be clear on the small screens, but in spite of that must not lose its flair. The bandwidth of a good mobile casino goes far beyond technical aspects. Not just an adaptive site or smartphone app is important today in an online casino test, but also how great the range of games for that area actually is. Finally, we also take a look at the special online casino bonus for mobile gaming pleasure, as long as it is also offered by the respective internet casino.

Meanwhile, there are also online casinos, which sat fully on the mobile casino and consider the uncomplicated access via smartphone and tablet as the main focus. Here it is not uncommon that the casino bonus for the mobile casino is better than the classic variant for customers who play on the PC. Also enjoy in these online casinos users with smartphone usually greater benefits in tournaments or promotions.

Ease of use and overview make for a good feeling

In addition to the online casino bonus, the security and the offer of casino games, the website of the relevant virtual gambling hall is one of the key focuses in an online casino test. Simple subdivision of the most important genres of online casino games, with filter functions for quickly locating favourites, are just as standard today as the easy presentation on the smartphone. In this area, it is most common that the chaff separates from the wheat. Some online casino neglect here inexplicably this area and care despite great offers here more for frustration than for positive thrills. In our online casino test we check the navigation, the easy finding of games, bonus terms and conditions in the form of how all this would affect a new customer or newcomer. Because a player who finds his way into the new online casino immediately starts with a good feeling in the hunt for the luck.

Due to the increasing importance of the mobile casino, we attach great importance to the sensible display of content on the smartphone in our online casino test. Both slot machines, as well as live casino and other products should here be fluid, clear and easy to use.

PayPal or not? – That is the question!

Another not unimportant question that players ask themselves when choosing a new online casino concerns the issue of deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s not just about the question of which variants are offered, but also about which possible fees are payable and which limits may need to be considered. Today, online casinos offer a wide range of different transaction options. These range from so-called eWallets such as Neteller or Skrill on the classic bank transfer to the deposit via Paysafecard. Almost all the possibilities that the Internet offers in payment transactions are also offered in the Internet casino. Special consideration here in our online casino test is PayPal. Because this service, which works in a similar way to Skrill or Neteller, is the payment service number one in the Europe. So it is of course a special bonus if a Internet casino also offers PayPal for deposits and withdrawals.

Especially against the background that more than 30 million people use PayPal in Europe, we have also created a separate area with the best PayPal Casino for this purpose. Here you will find all serious PayPal casinos, where a visit can definitely be worthwhile.

Good customer service should never leave the player out in the cold

The last crucial point, which is evaluated in our online casino test and also flows into the overall view, is the customer service. Some players may never need it, because everything is always done to their fullest satisfaction, but others may need it. It does not always have to be a serious problem. Maybe a new offer of a casino bonus requires a special request or the player wants to know if he has already qualified for a VIP program. These questions can only be answered by customer support. Therefore, it is important for us as a tester that the customer service is possible in different options. A 24 hour live chat is never wrong and an email should also be processed within 24 hours to make you feel that your request is taken seriously. In addition, belongs to a reputable online casino, that also the finding of the AGB`s and the bonus conditions should be simply designed, the rules are easy to understand and as free of stumbling blocks as possible. All of this ultimately helps to make you feel comfortable in an online casino or more likely to be considered just a milking cow.