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Quickspin Casino With "fast laps" or "fast turns", the company name of the Swedish slot machine manufacturer Quickspin can probably best translate. And indeed, here is the extraordinary name not only pure adornment, but program. In the ever-increasing number of Quickspin casinos, however, not only is the speed at the slots a reason why these virtual gambling halls are becoming increasingly popular. The even more important factor is the tremendous quality that can be found in each of these slot machines from Sweden. Above all, this strategy of focusing on quality and not quantity is still the deciding factor for Quickspin's excellent reputation with us players.

Three veterans of the gambling industry launched the Quickspin slot machines in 2011

Many of the best online casino vendors have been established by real veterans of the gambling industry. This also applies to the Swedes of Quickspin, because in 2011 three honorable gentlemen from two renowned companies came together to launch a very special development studio. For example, Daniel Lindberg, today's CEO of the slot machine manufacturer, came from NetEnt and previously worked there for 5 years as Sales Director. Mats Westerlund, on the other hand, came from the same company and previously held the position of Chief Product Development Officer. Then Joachim Timmermans joined the founding trio, who previously worked for Unibet for more than seven years as Managing Director for the whole group. With this concentrated expertise, it was only a matter of time before Quickspin became a leading manufacturer of gaming machines after just a few years.

Many slot machine manufacturers publish a whole series of slots each year. For the Swedes, up to now, a maximum of 12 new slot games per year have been added to the Quickspin casinos, because quality is the developer's top priority. That's why you can be sure that with every newly released slot you will find unprecedented bonus features and innovative game mechanics. One, Quickspin definitely never, boring and stale.

With the casino bonus, there really is everything in the Quickspin casinos!

Due to the increasing number of Quickspin casinos, the range of different types of casino bonuses has become more and more varied, and so here you will find pretty much everything we can imagine. A simple or staggered welcome bonus or a casino bonus in the form of free spins can be found here just as much for new customers as mixed variants that bring bonus credits and free spins. For existing customers, there are again numerous types of a reload bonus, which of course differs depending on the Quickspin Casino in the amount of the granted bonus balance and the underlying bonus conditions. Cashbacks have also made their entry into these Internet casinos and secure a small part of the potential losses. Last but not least, a good Quickspin casino today almost always has an excellent VIP or loyalty program that keeps customers coming up with all imaginable little touches.

Due to their very high quality and numerous bonus features, Quickspin slot machines are very popular among online casinos for promotions or slot tournaments. Participating in such a raffle can also bring you a wonderful casino bonus, free spins or even real cash.

On which casino bonus should I bet?

To answer this question properly, it should be clarified beforehand what kind of player you are in an online casino. Do you prefer a one-time visit during the week or a month, or do you prefer to go hunting more often? In the former case, a Quickspin Casino would be the ideal choice for you rather a one-time welcome bonus. Here you can get a fairly high bonus balance with your first deposit and then have to play through this only on the basis of the relevant bonus conditions. If you prefer to visit a Quickspin Casino more often and want to get something from your bonus balance over the longer term, then a staggered casino bonus would be perfect. This can, depending on the Quickspin Casino, generate up to four additional deposits for additional bonus credit. However, you should pay close attention to the rules and playthrough conditions, so that each additional casino bonus is also granted.

Many Quickspin casinos also offer you a welcome bonus in the form of free spins. However, your bonus balance depends on your luck, as it depends on the winnings you earn from these free spins. The advantage in such a casino bonus with free plays lies in the fact that the bonus balance to be obtained can be clearly above the normal welcome bonus. However, there is always the risk here, which with a bit of bad luck, the extra cash can also be lower.

Is there a no deposit bonus for me at the Quicksspin casinos?

The good news right away! Hardly any Quickspin Casino today does not offer a no deposit casino bonus, but this does not mean that it will be available all year round in a particular internet casino. Sometimes the No Desposit Bonus called the trial bonus is only available for a short time. Also, this can be obtained only on certain sites such as CasinoAndChips.com. The forms are extremely diverse, sometimes it is a no-deposit casino bonus that lands on your gaming account as soon as you log in to Quickspin Casino, or it must first be requested from Support. Also, a No Desposit Bonus may come as a bonus code or be generated by clicking on a link on a particular website. In addition to the no deposit bonus, which gives you free bonus credit, there are also free free spins from which you can also generate your first playable balance with bonus terms.

A no deposit bonus is always meant to test a Quickspin casino and is unlikely to make big profits. Because these are usually limited in the maximum amount of profit in the form of real money, which you can generate here from playing through because of the bonus conditions. However, there is rarely a No Desposit Bonus without restrictions. If there is this in a Quickspin Casino, then you will definitely find it on our site.

Since 2016 Quickspin belongs to Playtech

If three veterans of the gambling industry, with a great love for high-quality slots to found a developer, the success is almost inevitable. And so it came about and the number of Quickspin casinos grew rapidly over the years and often the slot machines were used as a figurehead for a casino bonus or free spins. Of course, the tremendous success was not hidden from the competition, and so in 2016 the Playtech group made a bid to the Swedish developer for a maximum of 50 million euros, which they could not refuse. Since then, the Quickspin slot machines have been part of Playtech's big family, but the new owner did not make the mistake of interfering too much with the strategic direction. The Swedish studio still has great freedom in the development of its own slots. The increasing number of Quickspin casinos and the excellent reputation with us players shows that the decision of Playtech to let the studio all liberties, was extremely wise.

From the beginning, Quickspin did not rely on expensive licenses from film and television, but used mainly well-known materials from the world of fairy tales and legends. Rather, the developer put all the capital into smart minds and these are the basis for the continued success of the Swedes. Even today, the company remains true to its concentration on fairytale and saga slots and brought us exciting slot machines such as Pied Piper, Rapunzl's Tower or Sinbad and Big Bad Wolf in the Quickspin casinos.

How good is the selection of slot machines in the Quickspin casinos?

In addition to the slot machines of the Swedish developer, you will find in Quickspin casinos a wide range of slots from other manufacturers. It is, as already with the casino bonus, the compilation no limits. So you have the choice to choose the most suitable for you Quickspin Casino in the offer of gambling. This can be, for example, a mix with NetEnt, Play'n GO and Betsoft, especially if you like modern, 3D-animated slot machines with numerous bonus features. A mix with Novoline slot machines or Merkur slots would then come into question for you, if you want to gamble especially the well-known slots games from the arcades around the corner in the Quickspin casinos.

Before you jump into your own personal adventure in a Quickspin casino, it's worth comparing both the game selection of slots and the offered casino bonus. Because a good welcome bonus with fair play conditions is worth only half if the selection of slot machines does not suit. The same is of course the other way around. Because a great selection brings nothing but frustration when the bonus conditions are hard to meet.

The best 5 Quickspin slot machines

You can look forward to a lot of action in the Quickspin casinos, but not the usually pretty bombastic presentation of the slot machines, but also the variety of topics. From the fairytale slot to Asian stories on the reels to space casino is all there! Of course, the Quickspin machines fit on any device, are clear and easy to play. They are therefore completely free to play on a smartphone or rather on the PC with a large screen – everything is drawn in a fluid and can be navigated without problems.

But the Quickspin slots in the online casinos are by no means a monotonous story. Often synonymous overview on the rollers just tristesse, but if you take a look at our selection of slot machines from this manufacturer, then elaborate drawing and the magnificent features can hardly be overlooked. Jackpots, free spins, bonus rounds and much more – Quickspin casinos have a very large selection and then the quite generous payout percentage in the games are always very decent profits in it.

Northern Sky: The Northern Lights and the reindeer

A pretty new and gorgeous looking slot machine from Quickspin that takes you to the far north. Reindeer, wolves, owls and bears, and glittering diamonds in the style of the jewel slots adorn the five reels and the whole thing is also equipped with quite entertaining acoustics. Northern Sky has missed a very good payout rate of 96.57% and Quickspin is not a bad choice anyway, so you can speculate on quite a few hits with decent bucks in the winter forest of online casinos.

Northern Sky
With a total of 9 paylines, a very flexible and manageable range of stakes awaits: You can start with 10 cents, that's not much, but there are up to 100 euros in it for the particularly daring players in the Quickspin Casino! The extras are nicely opened and can be read in the payouts. Very cool, for example, is the re-spin after a winning combination, which then comes along with appropriate glued additional opportunities on the rollers. There are also free spins on Northern Lights and then only the most valuable animal pictures for really big bucks on the player account show up in the game.

Rapunzels Tower: The long hair of the Quickspin machines

The fairy tale is commonly known by the princess in the tower and although these stories may sound outdated today, the Quickspin Casino is more than lucrative! Rapunzels Tower is presented in beautiful colors and with nice figures, the manufacturer obviously tries hard to implement the legends. Also Rapunzels Tower has a huge payout ratio of 97.09%, which pleases and provides a lot of opportunities on the reels. Of these, the machine has as usual 5 pieces and run in between 20 paylines for the hits.

Rapunzels Tower
Only 20 cents are enough for a spin and in the Quickspin Casino Rapunzels Tower is of course also for Highroller with then up to 100 euros in the round an option. Everyone has to weigh for themselves, but cool of course are already the re-spin wilds in the base game. The beauty of the tower and her golden hair have their own wild card and also the free games known for slots are available. As a bonus, Rapunzel's Tower has the Tower feature, with each free-climbed floor offering additional winnings.

Mayana: A slot with blocks directly from the realm of the Mayas

Ok, the theme is not only popular with Quickspin, but we would like to recommend Mayana as a particularly original slot machine with ingenious look and features. The enigmatic figures in the blocks of Mesoamerican ruins are famous and here are these scary-beautiful figures for very attractive odds. Incidentally, Mayana also has the matching payout ratio of 96.63%, that's a lot, but the real highlights of this Quickspin slot are the innovative extras.

Even the waiver of paylines is remarkable. There are profit paths, at least 27 pieces, but also up to 243 in the top, which then ensures a lot of hit combinations. These profit paths increase after each re-spin, and these repeated rewards on the reels can even expand! Logically, that then the profits rise quickly, including the Mucha-Mayana feature with up to 20 times multiplier decisively contributes. It starts with 25 cents and brave players screw at risk up to 100 euros high, which is certainly especially interesting for the experienced slot connoisseurs and Highroller.

The Epic Journey: Treasure hunt on three reel blocks

This is visually very innovative, which prepares you Quickspin at the slot machine The Epic Journey: The screen has a total of three game areas and the theme of archeology and treasure hunt gets here undoubtedly very special charm. A total of 100 paylines are distributed here, the stakes range from 80 cents to 80 euros for a spin. The payout ratio of The Epic Journey is very attractive at 96.54%, so you can expect a lot of hits and the corresponding amount.

The Epic Journey
It gets really fat in the features: The paytable starts right away with a game that triggers the Volcano-Wild feature with only two appearances, a volcano eruption across the reels with a pleasing distribution of the jokers. The bonus image has to appear three times, then you can choose an extra game yourself at The Epic Journey by Quickspin! There are three options for the Safari Free spins: Mammoth Wild, Sea Creature Wild and T-Rex Wild with delightful multipliers. And that's still not all, because in the Mushroom Forest or the Fossil Hunt, there are big opportunities and then the manufacturer still programmed a kind of immediate price at the Golden Coins.

Sakura Fortune: Asian princesses in the online casino

With a payout ratio of 96.58%, Sakura Fortune from Quickspin is well-equipped, with many hits virtually the order of the day. Thematically, this slot machine tells the tale of the white-skinned princesses of the Far East, who wait in towers crouching for the legendary prince. Ok, that's a bit cheesy, but with a lot of chances. The five rollers are designed in the typical aesthetics of Asia and you can expect exciting and, above all, very efficient technical features.

Sakura Fortune
There's about the big wild reel over a whole row, that's a joker plus scatter for a cash prize together! If you shoot these mega big game twice in a round, then there are re-spins and of course you can also hope for real free spins in Quickspin Casino. It takes three times the fan for the lady, what else, and then wait for free spins with the again very common Super Joker combination. 40 paylines are a lot, you can set the spins for 20 cents in motion, in the top up to 80 € are possible.

I like to play on my smartphone, how good are the Quickspin casinos?

In the area of ​​mobile casinos via smartphone or tablet, Quickspin casinos are always a good choice. Because the Swedish developer has set early on the Html5 standard. Thus, you can be sure that each new Quickspin slot machine not only runs perfectly on the phone, but also on the clarity, no matter whether landscape or portrait mode, never lacking. Meanwhile, the Swedish developer has even begun to convert the most popular classics from the Flash era into the Html5 standard and thus make it playable for mobile phones as well. Due to the significantly changing user behavior, away from the PC to the mobile casino, there are already in the first virtual gambling halls the first casino bonuses. This is aimed directly at players who like to gamble with smartphones. These can be, for example, special welcome bonuses or free spins granted only through the mobile casino.

Although the Quickspin casinos are increasingly focusing on gaming with their smartphones or tablets, you do not have to worry if you still prefer access via the PC. All new slots with HTML5 standard are also perfectly playable without restrictions on the home computer.

Without a good live casino, nothing works in a Quickspin casino

No other genre of gambling in the virtual gambling halls is currently growing as fast as the live casino. And that's why it goes without saying that a good Quickspin Casino will also offer you various variants of the popular Live Roulette, Live BlackJack or Live Baccarat. However, the Swedish developer is a pure specialist for high-quality slot machines and so come in the Quickspin casinos mainly other providers in the live casino to the course. Some of the best of these genres include Evolution Gaming with the hyped Dream Catcher, NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming from Novomatic, and Ezugi, all with their own strengths. If you belong to the fans of the live casino, it is also worthwhile to compare before playing in a Quickspin casinos the corresponding games offered.

Some Quickspin casinos now even offer a special Live Casino bonus, which eliminates the play through of the bonus conditions at the slot machines and these can be completely fulfilled for example in the live roulette. Also, many Quickspin Casino also offer scratch cards or bingo, for which there are even special casino bonuses in rare cases. A bingo bonus or scratchcard bonus may be very rare, but it actually does exist now and then.