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Live Casino Even a quick look into the past shows how much the gamers' behavior has changed over the past 20 years. Whoever wanted to pursue his passion for roulette or his passion for card games for all BlackJack, had no choice but to pay a visit to one of the casinos. Compared to slot machines, which fully meet the personal, individual games, the classic games of chance have always been designed for joint opposition. Nothing increases your own well-being as much as a successful coup against the dealer, the bank or a clever player. This is precisely the main attraction of roulette or baccarat, which is increasingly ensuring that live casinos are on the rise in online casinos. No other genre in internet casinos can even begin to transport the special atmosphere of a genuine casino into the new world of the internet. But what are the advantages of live casinos for you as a player? What about the online casino bonus? Is there any special live casino bonus that will not force you to spend hours in front of the slot machines? And how well does the live casino actually catch the mood at roulette and in the end can it even compare the world of terrestrial casinos with the live casino?

Before the advent of technology, there were no slot machines. Classic table games like roulette or card games like BlackJack always require several gamblers or a dealer. Especially the fact, with a little strategy to be able to influence one's own luck a little bit, make the unbroken passion for live casino games.

I like to play against people, not against computers!

If you consider yourself a gambler in the field of online casinos as an old hand, you know that there are two very different groups of players. The gamers who like to spin a few fast laps and concentrate as much as possible on one thing. Here, especially the slot machines are the main field of activity in the hunt for big profits. On the other hand, there are still the gamblers who prefer to play against real people, whether they are opponents or represent the bank as a live dealer. Especially if you are very fond of playing roulette or blackjack as a player, as your own strategy has an influence on the game up to a certain point, the live casino is the right place for you. Here are all the important factors that gamblers like in gambling houses. If you are interested in online casinos for the first time, you will soon realize that the worlds between slot machines and live casino are quite different. However, this does not mean that there are not enough gamblers who love to spend their time in both worlds. Especially if the slot machines are not working so well, a visit to live casinos with live dealers and other players can be a good experience.

For a long time, the classic casino games like roulette against the computer were considered boring and trough. But with the establishment of live casinos, this has changed rapidly in online casinos. For today, the area of ​​live casino with real players and live dealers is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Internet casinos.

What different live casino games await me in an online casino?

In addition to the online casino bonus and security, it is above all the offer of games, which decides whether you decide to gamble for a particular Internet casino. This is no different at the live casino. There are also huge differences, depending on the online casino. Some providers focus mainly on slot machines, while others are the ultimate for all fans of classic table games. A good live casino is characterized by a broad portfolio of different games. These include live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat as base. You can find this base as a gambler in almost every virtual gambling hall with a live casino. However, in an real money online casino with excellent live casino, you will discover even more interesting live games, such as the lucky wheel, a form of the wheel of fortune. In addition, a good live casino is careful to cover as much as possible the preferences of the customers. So you will find here not only the normal live roulette, but also various other variants. This can range from fast forms like speed roulette to double ball roulette, a version of live roulette with two balls. It is precisely this high diversity that no classic casino can offer alone that makes today's live casinos a prime address for gamers.

A very good live casinos will not only offer you various variants of your favourite game, but also provide various providers for you. As with the slot machines, the variations in live roulette or live blackjack differ depending on the developer in some respects.

Is there an online casino bonus only for the live casino?

Until a few years ago, this question would have to be answered with a clear no. Fortunately, the world of online casinos is constantly changing. Due to the increasing demand on the part of the gamblers and the ever improving technology, the area of ​​the live casino has been growing rapidly for some years. The increased demand for more and more internet casinos to address this clientele and to convince them of their own offer. Therefore, the online casino bonus is no longer reserved only for the gamblers at the slot machines. In the past, the fans of the live casino beat themselves for hours through the slot machines, although these were actually not one of their own interests. All this just to fulfill the bonus conditions. For many years it was standard that with the online casino bonus could be played in the live casino, but this contributed very little to play through the bonus conditions. Today, however, there are special online casino bonuses only for the live casino. Here, live roulette or live baccarat can be played to the limit and all of this contributes to 100 percent playing through. If you have thankfully renounced the online casino, as they have no interest in slot machines, then this condition is over now. On this page you will not only find the best live casinos that are currently on the market in Germany, but also the best online casino bonus for the live casino.

A good live casino bonus does not always have to be the best for you personally. In addition to the amount of the Live Casino Bonus, it is also crucial how often you have to play through the online casino bonus before you can get paid out. Also, a very good live casino bonus should give you enough time to complete the bonus terms.

Everything is streamed in the live casino! Do I have to pay attention to something on the technical side?

Live Casino Mobile The area of ​​the live casino in a virtual gambling hall differs in some points seriously from other genres in the on-line casino. In order to give you the best possible feeling of a real casino atmosphere as a gambler, in a live casino pretty much everything is recorded with cameras. In perfect HD quality, there are cameras for the table or cameras that show the live dealer. In addition, this is connected to a user interface that you as a player to make the play on the table as simple and clear as possible. All these are data streamed by the online casino concerned to their PC or smartphone. In this respect, playing in the live casino requires a bit more in terms of good hardware than other areas of the virtual arcade. In addition, the Internet connection should not be too weak around the chest, so you can enjoy the very own flair here to the fullest. Luckily, most computers nowadays have no problem completing the live casino requirement. In addition, there are hardly any Internet connections that do not have at least DSL standard. Even in the field of smartphones, there are hardly any problems here. In addition, more and more very good live casinos are adapting their content to the mobile casino. Thus, you will not miss even on the smartphone, no important detail, if you once again try the live dealer to pull the money out of his pocket.

While the quality of the presentation on your own PC or smartphone can certainly be compromised, a stable Internet connection for the live casino is enormously important. With a fast DSL connection and a fast Internet on your smartphone you are always on the safe side.

How do I recognize a very good live casino?

To recognize a very good live casino it is worthwhile for you as a gambler to check some points in the online casinos. How big is the live casino? Which live casino games are offered. How many are the different variants of Live Roulette or Live BlackJack. Which languages ​​are available at the Live Dealers? Is there a special Live Casino Bonus? And how often are there special promotions for the live casino? Because all answers to these questions show you how important you are as a gambler in the live casino at a special Internet casino. Many online casinos today have a live casino, but only the best of them will be able to convince you in all areas. A very good live casinos bonus does not necessarily mean that live roulette is offered in all its facets? A good presentation of the live casino games in turn is not enough if the live casino bonus is no good. A very good live casino should convince in all areas to be able to offer you the highest level of flair. Here in our list of the best live casinos you will find various online casinos that have strengths in all areas. Or you are extremely good in one area and satisfying in other areas. This live casino might be of interest to you just because it suits your own passion. This is also taken into account with us and clearly addressed by us.

Especially interesting are the Novoline Live Casinos. Here lovers of the well-known Novoline slot machines around BOOK OF RA and SIIZLING HOT can play at special roulette tables. All these tables, such as BOOK OF RA ROULETTE for example, offer the unique flair of the slot machines and are equipped in the style of these slot games. Responsible for this adaptation is the subsidiary Extreme Live Gaming from Novomatic.

Every live casino has its charm

A perfect live casino or a perfect live casino bonus for every type of player does not exist. Just as all gamblers have different preferences, online casinos also focus on specific audiences. If you're more of a player who just wants to play a round of live roulette from time to time, then another live casino might be perfect for you, rather than the pure lover of roulette. Of course, if you prefer a high live casino bonus, you will also appeal to another online casino. Therefore, it is never wrong to compare all the areas thoroughly in advance to make the best choice for yourself. In our list of the best live casinos you will find various live casinos. Some have their strengths in the Live Casino Bonus, while others have the widest selection of Live Roulette and Live BlackJack. Others, in turn, offer the best access to the live casino through the mobile casino. Especially players on the smartphone will get their money's worth here. In addition to the question about the best live casino offer, factors such as security, deposit and withdrawal methods or the quality of customer service are added. All this further information can be found in the section Online Casino Test. In our list of the best live casinos, you will always find a link to the detailed test.