Casino Games with Bonus

Casino Games For a long time, slot machines in particular have dominated online casinos, but now more and more internet casinos are turning to other genres of gambling for real money. For this reason, the range of money games will be much larger. No longer just a welcome bonus or extra casino free spins are crucial today, whether an online casino deserves closer consideration by the player, it is also important which target groups are addressed to players. A lover of roulette wants a different casino game bonus than the fan of slot machines. A gambler who seeks his luck in bingo, above all, needs a different offer than the friend of sports betting.

This is where the Money Games Bonus can play to its strengths, as it perfectly fits the preferences of each genre, giving players exactly what they want. Therefore, the range of roulette bonus on a bingo bonus to the lottery bonus barely limits. Even a sports betting bonus or even a new eSports bonus is no longer a rarity in one of the best online casinos in Germany. On our site you will find all the information about the most important types of casino games with real money and we will show you the various advantages of these variants of the online casino bonus.

The continuing trend to expand the offering in the best online casinos will continue to bring even more different online casino games bonuses into the market. Of course, you will always find the latest and best offers from reputable online casinos at a glance.

Almost all online casino bonus types are also available for other casino games with real money

The increased interest of players in new products in recent years, has meant that the days when an online casino thinks only of the friends of the slot machines are fortunately over. For a long time, fans of roulette and blackjack or scratch cards and bingo could only look on jealousy at the other gamblers once they got a fantastic deal on offer. Whether bonus without deposit at registration, welcome bonus or a bonus with free spins, always this had to be implemented at the slot machines. Now, however, more and more reputable online casinos are beginning to offer casino bonuses to lovers of other types of Internet gambling. The range of the various offers is almost as big as the classic online casino bonus. In order not to lose track of this flood of various offers, we have briefly summarised for you the most important types of an online casino bonus for other online casino games.

How does the Casino Games Bonus work?

Before we go into more detail on what different types of bonuses there are for the different online casino games, we’ll show you how they work. Whether you choose a classic bonus or a special offer, there are always basic rules that are the same for all variants. An online casino bonus, whether it is mainly for slot machines or for example for roulette or bingo, is subject to certain conditions. These so-called bonus conditions must be completely fulfilled by you as a player when claiming, so that you get paid at the end of their winnings from the online casino.

Almost always, when a reputable casino refuses to pay a granted bonus online, the player has violated the bonus conditions. This does not mean that these conditions must have been fair. Therefore the gambler should read the rules to the full extent before the claim, no matter which online casino bonus it is. Not always the most enticing offer is the best for the gambler.
How the various online casino bonuses work

  • Welcome bonus simple or staggered : This casino game bonus is always aimed at new customers. When you check in and register for the first time at a designated casino, you have the option to receive a Welcome Bonus. Here the online casino gives you a bonus credit on your first deposit, this can be between 50 and 200 percent of the deposit amount, on top of that. The staggered welcome bonus, in turn, follows the same pattern, except that you get here with the up to four first deposits a respective online casino bonus granted.
  • Bonus without deposit : As the name suggests, this can be claimed without a deposit of real money. Here is usually a simple registration and opening a player account in an online casino and you will receive an amount that you can bet on various casino games. However, this is usually tied to very strict rules and also the amount of possible profits, which are paid later, are usually limited here. Despite this, the no deposit bonus is great for trying on a new online casino or popular real money games.
  • Online Casino Bonus with free spins : It is not uncommon to have the online casino bonus with free spins, which grants you free spins instead of a bonus credit. Here, the earnings that you generate from the free spins are converted into bonus credits, which you then also have to implement according to the rules of the bonus conditions.
  • Reload Bonus : This bonus is always reserved for already registered players in an online casino, as this grants you the same benefits as the welcome bonus when making another deposit.
  • Cashback : The Cashback Bonus is a sort of insurance against losses in an online casino bonus. When you claim a cashback, you get a certain percentage of your losses back from the online casino in the form of a bonus credit.

The slot machine real money bonus

Slot Machines Anyone who, as a passionate gambler, has ever seen one of the numerous arcades on the inside knows that the slot machines in particular dominate here. This is no different in an online casino. Again, in most cases, slot games account for well over 50 percent of all online casino games. Very good payout ratios, fast game rounds and the prospect of huge wins make this genre the overwhelming source of players. This dominance is also evident in the various types of online casino bonus. Whether it's the welcome bonus, the no deposit bonus, the No Desposit Bonus or a reload bonus, it's almost always about the slot machines. Fortunately, more and more good and reputable online casinos in Germany are also discovering gamblers who prefer to gamble on other online casino games. Whether it's the casino classics Roulette and BlackJack or the fascinating world of bingo, lotteries and scratch cards, more and more internet casinos offer these forms of gambling. This increased interest in online casino games, apart from the slot machines, of course, also has influence on the various online casino bonuses and so are more and more of these little attentions for other genre of gambling.

Whether it’s classic online casino bonuses or a special roulette bonus, the gambler should always read the exact play and bonus conditions. These can either be found on the associated promotion page or in the corresponding terms and conditions of the online casino.

What are the benefits of a Roulette or a Bingo Games Bonus?

Casino Roulette This question is particularly interesting for lovers of certain online casino games such as BlackJack, Bingo, Roulette or even for the fans of Scratchcards and can best be compared with the classic bonus show. The classic online casino bonus, no matter in which of the different forms, is aimed primarily at the gamblers of slot machines. Therefore, in most cases, only playing this genre contributes to a complete fulfillment of the bonus conditions. Within a certain period of time, both the deposited credit and the granted bonus amount must be implemented several times, so that they are fulfilled and the money can be paid out. Slot machines contribute to 100 percent and other genres, such as just roulette or bingo, not at all or only to a very small extent. Therefore, the fan of other online casino games forced to gamble on the slot machines, even if he has little interest in it. With a special bingo bonus or roulette bonus, this problem does not exist, because these forms of online casino bonus are aimed specifically at this particular clientele. So if you have a rich bingo offer to sign up for at a favorite online casino, you can indulge in your passion with this bingo bonus. The good thing about it is also that you at the same time easily meet the bonus conditions.

Of course, this also applies to a Roulette Bonus, a BlackJack Bonus, a Lotto Bonus or a Scratchcard Bonus.

What forms of online roulette bonus are there?

With the increasing popularity of live casinos, classic roulette has also experienced a rebirth. Because sitting alone at a computer-generated table may be interesting for a while, but only playing with real live dealers can bring the special flair of roulette home to the screen or to your smartphone. Due to the strengthening of the live casino, more and more special roulette bonuses are online in the casinos. These differ mainly to the classic casino game bonus in the game genre, which helps to fulfill the bonus conditions. Here, above all, the kettle play contributes to 100 percent. That is why the Roulette Game Bonus is a very good alternative to the classic offer for gamblers who want to leave slot machines and have solely given their heart to roulette. A roulette bonus can be found in different forms. There are meanwhile welcome bonuses, reaload bonuses, bonus codes or a reboot bonus especially for the roulette.

Almost all of the special roulette bonuses are designed for the live casino and can only be used in this area. Not infrequently there is also an online casino bonus of roulette combined with slot machines. This is especially popular with online casinos, if you want to delight gambling machine gamers with their own range of live casino games.

The BlackJack Bonus – rare but interesting!

BackJack In addition to poker, it is above all the classic BlackJack, which binds the players in the online casinos in the card games in front of the screens. Simple rules, fast laps and a pinch of thrills ensure that BlackJack can theoretically be played by any gambler. Just as with roulette, the BlackJack, thanks to the establishment of the live casino, experienced a rebirth in the Internet casinos. It is completely different, whether a computer-controlled AI or a person of flesh and blood plays the bank or not. Of course, this also has an effect on the offers of bonuses in an online casino and so can be found in the virtual gambling halls with very good live casino now synonymous BlackJack bonuses. As with the roulette bonus, the BlackJack bonus also targets a specific target group. Here, too, a welcome bonus, a re-charge bonus or even a bonus code can only be offered for this card game. Here, too, playing at the table in the Live Casino contributes to fulfilling the conditions of the BlackJack Bonus.

BlackJack is also very popular with online casinos for special promotions. Special bonus cards are mixed into the different card decks. If the player is dealt one of these special cards, he will receive different bonuses or even cash credits.

The Live Casino Bonus combines the most popular classics

Far more often than on the very special roulette bonus or the BlackJack bonus players will come across the live casino bonus. This includes all sorts of live casino games in a bonus package. These include, for example, the roulette in all its variants, the card games BlackJack and Baccarat and newer genres such as the Lucky Wheel, a form of the wheel of fortune. Although poker is also offered in many online casinos, it is almost always a live casino bonus. For this there is usually a separate online casino bonus. The live casino bonus has a huge advantage, especially for gamblers who want to avoid gambling at slot machines. Almost all live casino games help to fulfill the bonus conditions to 100 percent and therefore this is also logically addressed to the friends of this genre. Here the player can convert his deposits, together with the granted bonus, at the own favorite plays within the bonus conditions. Another advantage is that the gambler with a live casino bonus is not limited to just one specific game and can play live roulette, live blackjack or live baccarat.

Sometimes a special live casino bonus can not be immediately discovered on the home page of an online casino. Here it makes sense to either visit the special area of ​​the live casino or to look at the promotions and offers.

The bingo bonus is not just for old ladies

For a long time one of the oldest gambling games, bingo, stuck with a boring image. In the minds of many gamblers, not infrequently, a group of elderly ladies appeared at the word bingo, gathering in a cozy coffee party. But here too, the online casino should be thanked, because through innovative products, the bingo is also experiencing a renaissance. No wonder that more and more online casino are rediscovering this area of ​​gambling and have a special bingo bonus in their program. Not so long ago, bingo lovers still had to sign up for special bingo sites to get the bingo bonus. Meanwhile, this is hardly necessary. Many reputable online casinos have created a special area for bingo and also offer the bingo bonus here. This can even go so far that, just like the roulette bonus, this also comes as a welcome bonus. The other forms, such as the Reload Bonus can be found more and more often for bingo. Not infrequently, there is also a bingo bonus that is difficult to compare with the classic online casino bonus. So there are offers of bingo bonuses, in which the player buys several rows or rounds and get it for free ranks or rounds.

Also, the special bingo bonus is not advertised by many online casinos directly on the home page. Here is also worth a closer look at the promotion page or a visit to the bingo area.

Casino Games Bonus: Scratch Cards – Often Underestimated!

For a long time neglected by the online casinos were called the Scratch Card or Scratch Card or Instant Win Card and this although this genre is one of the most popular games of chance. Almost every person, even those who are not among the gamblers have ever bought a scratch card in their lives. Luckily, in the modern world, nobody has to go to the newsagent to get one of these scratch cards. Today, this also works in the online casino from home or via smartphone on the go. In addition, as a further advantage, the entire offer in the virtual gambling halls is now gigantic. Even with the possible sums of money scratch cards with millions of euros offered no longer have to hide. Gigantic offer, high sums of winnings and new products ensure that even a scratchcard bonus in an online casino is in demand by the gamblers. For this reason, this scratch card bonus is also becoming increasingly common in virtual gambling halls. This can also come in different ways. The most common is the form of a free extra scratch card. For example, if you buy and use 5 of these scratch cards here, you will receive them for free. However, less popular is a welcome bonus or a reaload bonus and can only rarely appear as a special promotion.

Scratch cards or scratch cards are very popular for special celebrations such as Christmas or Easter used by the online casino for promotion. Here are these scratch cards thus a bonus for the customer, where he can win any cash or cash prizes.

Of course, there is also the lottery bonus

Even the good, old lottery has meanwhile found its way into the online casino in Germany. But Lotto is a fairly comprehensive term, because in addition to the classic lottery with coupons, including the bingo, scratch cards and betting on lottery draws (Zweitlotterien). With the entry of the lottery in the online casino even completely new forms have emerged, such as a combination of a slot machine and the lottery numbers. Gamblers, who are particularly interested in this area, can not only come across a lottery bonus on one of the lottery sites, but can also find what they are looking for in an online casino. There is hardly any limit to the way this lottery bonus can be designed. There are also welcome bonuses, reload bonuses or bonus codes that increase the playable balance. However, there are differences to the classic online casino bonus. The lottery bonus can only apply to second lotteries, ie bets on official draws of lottery numbers usually state providers. But he can also just include certain lottery products, such as scratch cards and bingo.

As with all online casino bonuses, it is also important for the special lottery bonus to read the bonus terms carefully. Only then can the player find out if an offered bonus matches their own style of play and thus offers added value. Also, the bonus terms should be so fair that they can actually be met.

The sports betting bonus is also gaining importance in online casinos

There has been a clear trend for about two years. Betting Sports Betting Platforms Online casinos and virtual gambling halls are also increasingly betting on sports scores. For this reason, the special sports betting bonus in an online casino is becoming increasingly important. Although sports betting is not a classic casino game, it is also a form of gambling with a long tradition. Just like other offers of an online casino game bonus, the sports betting bonus can also run in different ways the gambler on the way. Be it a no deposit online betting bonus, where first placing is free or a welcome bonus that doubles the amount paid in, almost all variants of the classic online casino bonus are also available for this area. However, of course, due to the fact that this is about betting, there are also differences between this casino game bonus and other forms of bonuses. Thus, this special sports betting bonus may be tied to a minimum quota that requires taking some risk. In addition, the granted sports betting bonus can not be used in most areas of the traditional online casino with slot machines.

Only very rarely do the providers really give way to the clearly drawn boundaries and mix the various forms of gambling for the bonus conditions to be met. This casino game bonus from Sportsbook Bonus and Online Casino Bonus is an appetizer especially for fans of both genres.

The eSports Bonus is still in its infancy

The newest member of the Casino Games Bonus family is the eSports Bonus. This can also be considered as a modification of the sports betting bonus. Therefore, the terms and forms of this casino game bonus are quite similar. Due to the growing interest in eSports, where tournaments are usually broadcasted live, gamblers can increasingly bet on the most diverse results. Even live bets are now available. As one of the biggest pioneers in this still very young area of ​​gambling, betway has excelled. Not only does this operator of an online casino offer an eSport bonus, betway also appears in sponsoring teams. The special casino games bonus for the eSports is available as a welcome bonus, as well as a reload bonus for the gambling gamblers. To top it off, you can even use a no deposit eSports bonus, where the first bet can be made without your own money. Due to the fact that more and more large companies are discovering electronic sports for themselves, it can be assumed that in the future even more online casinos will pay more attention to this area. As a result, the eSports Bonus will be much more common and players will be offered an interesting Casino Games Bonus.