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Mobile Casino – best bonus & apps for mobile and tablet

Mobile Casino Bonus When the first Internet casinos came into the world at the beginning of the 1990s, no one could really foresee the direction this new industry would take. The Internet was still in its infancy with modems and desktop computers. Data dribbled, the graphic splendor was limited to thick pixels, and the fainting sounds maltreated the ears. And then came the mobile Internet and man began to use his cell phone like a cyborg as an extension of his own brain. All these nice changes, to be able to finally enjoy the popular slot machines and roulette on the way, however, formed the foundation for the triumph of mobile casinos. Today, virtual gambling halls on mobile phones or tablets are no longer just for nerds, but inspire millions of players worldwide (in Germany, there are already 57 million people using a smartphone!) In most cases, high mobile casino bonus, almost Unlimited gambling and gambling around the clock are strong arguments that hardly a player can escape. But just as the establishment of the Internet changed the gambling habits of casino fans, so today smartphones lead to the next big revolution, the mobile casino. For today's gamblers are no longer content with playing around the clock. Rather, the motto is: "Play games when you want and, above all, wherever you want, no matter where!"

The area of ​​the mobile casino combines all types of gambling in an online casino over the special entrance. This access is made in the mobile casino via a smartphone or a tablet. Due to the different presentation on the screens of PC and mobile phone, sometimes the offers of mobile online casino games and the graphical user interface differ.

What does the mobile casino offer – even a no deposit bonus?

Surely you have already heard the various terms such as online casino, mobile casino or live casinos. But what exactly is the mobile casino and what advantages or disadvantages does this bring with it. As the name suggests, everything revolves around availability. No matter where and at what time, in the mobile casino, you can always play a game. The only thing you need is an internet enabled smartphone and of course a matching casino online. The mobile online casino nowadays differs only slightly from the classic virtual gambling halls. Instead of playing PC games, roulette or blackjack games, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are on the hunt for prey. This unrestricted access from anywhere in the world is the great strength of the mobile casino. And this also means that today, in many mobile casinos, more than 60 percent of the players prefer access via smartphone to the zock on the PC. Of course, this changed user behavior has not been hidden from the operators and so today there are plenty of interesting casino bonuses special for the mobile casino.

In a modern mobile casino, you can find all kinds of online gambling today. Whether slot machines, live casino, video poker, classic table games or niche products such as bingo, the best mobile casinos in Germany have all this and much more. At the beginning there were different bonuses for desktop and mobile phone, but now these have been standardized and you get the no deposit bonus even on your mobile device.

What's better, the mobile casino via app or browser?

This question is probably one of the most difficult to answer topic areas around online casinos. Because the first line depends on their character. Where are your preferences? If, for example, the most uncomplicated access to the mobile casino is in the foreground for you, then the mobile casino via the browser should be the right one. However, if you prefer perfect, customized offerings for gaming on your smartphone, then an app should be the measure of things for you.

Attention: most apps in the Apple Store or Google Play Store are not real money apps. This means that with these software downloads on your phone you can not play for real money, just virtual tokens. And of course submit many private data to the manufacturers of the Apps.

In addition, the operating system used, Android or iOS or, more rarely, Windows Mobile, may be the reason for a particular choice. It should be noted here that especially smartphones and tablets from Apple hardly support Flash and thus some of the slot machines here on the devices do not run. Especially with older mobile casino games, problems can occur here. For this reason, developers have been relying heavily on HTML5 for quite some time. This new standard solves some of the most serious problems with the mobile casino. HTML5 is more modern, easier to integrate, does not cause problems with Apple devices, and is much more secure than its predecessor, Flash.

Before you decide to download a casino app

  • Read through the details.
  • Is the casino app for Android or for iOS?
  • Is this application the original version of online casino with real money mode or just a slimmed down variant with game currency?
  • And above all: is the app playable with real money?

Mobile casino via the browser for all casual players

The easiest way into a mobile casino is via the browser. The online casino automatically recognizes whether you as a player on the PC or on the smartphone go to the appropriate page. Modern internet casinos adapt the content of the presentation to the mobile phone via software and so you get all offers clearly displayed here. This is especially important as it eliminates cumbersome scrolling in all directions. Another advantage is that most modern mobile casinos only show you the games that are actually playable on the smartphone. This can go from slot machines through the live casino to scratch cards. Another advantage of the mobile casino via a browser is that it does not matter if you have previously registered as a player on the PC. Because depending on the device used, the online casino shows you everything you can really gamble on. The most important factor, however, is the elimination of a download. If you go as a gambler on the browser in the mobile casino, eliminating the annoying download a software. You do not have to download an app here for the pleasure of the slot machines nor install any other program.

In the last few months, the live casino in the mobile area has also done a lot of positive. More and more providers of live roulette or Live BlackJack have optimized the graphical presentation for smartphones. As a result, you now offer the gamers the portrait mode and the landscape mode. This not only increases the operability, but also benefits the clarity.

Is the real money app for the mobile casino only for professionals?

The second possible way to enjoy the mobile casino is an app. Especially the best online casinos in Germany offer this access to their offers of gambling. Unlike the access through the browser, you can not get around here as a gambler for a download. If you have opted for a special internet casino, you will always find the corresponding virtual casino app on the provider's website. This is the easiest way to download the corresponding casino app. However, you can also find some of these applications in the various stores. However, you should pay particular attention to the Apple Store that this usually tolerates no real gambling apps. Here it can happen that you will only find the version of the casino app that works alone with virtual game currency. On the side of the online casino, however, they always get the actual version with real money mode. Among the great strengths of the casino app, compared to the access via the browser is that everything here is completely tailored to smartphones and tablets. From the offered online casino bonus on the menu to the selection of games, everything revolves around the fast-paced game. You do not necessarily have to be a professional in this area, because after a short period of adjustment you will appreciate the enormous advantages of a casino app.

Various casino apps are offered today. These can be found for Apple iOS in the iTunes Store or on the relevant page of the online casino to download. For users of Android smartphones in turn, the Google Store is a good address for various casino apps or also the relevant side of the virtual gambling hall.

The mobile casino bonus is conquering the world

In many online casinos now ruled the mobile casino. More than 50 percent of gamers today gamble on smartphones or tablets slot games, with a strong upward trend. No wonder, then, that more and more virtual arcades react to this trend. A high online casino bonus only for the mobile casino is therefore no longer a rarity. Most likely you will come as a gambler in this enjoyment of a mobile casino app. Here you can not only go to the live casino, but always get special offers on bonuses delivered free home. Including a lush welcome bonus can be found just like the latest offer for a cashback. Even loyalty programs only for the mobile casino are now available. However, a casino app for a mobile casino bonus does not always have to be a prerequisite. Online casinos that do not offer a special app also have a rich offer of casino bonuses for smartphone users. Very often, you have the opportunity to benefit from so-called crossover promotions. For example, here you can make a required minimum turnover on a slot machine via PC to get free games for mobile casino after completion. These free spins then apply only to the special version of a slot machine that can be played on the smartphone. In order to fully exploit all the advantages of an online casino today, they barely manage to use a smartphone.

In addition, there are even online casinos like LeoVegas, which give gamblers a clear advantage over the mobile casino. In sweepstakes or slot machine tournaments, for example, gamblers receive twice as many points over the smartphone as Gambler credits on the PC. This makes it easier for users of mobile casinos to get new casino bonuses, cash or other prizes.

I love live casino! Does this also make fun of the mobile casino?

The last important point, which is in demand again and again, is how it behaves with the live casino on the smartphone. Many gamers here have the fear that the small screen and the different operation destroys too much of the actual flair. But we can reassure them, these days are fortunately long gone. Today's smartphones are true, small power plants. They deliver videos and streams in HD quality and also offer fast transfer rates. Due to the steadily growing number of users who prefer the mobile casino, the side of the providers of live casinos has developed quite a bit positive. Both the display and the user interface can now be adapted especially for screens on smartphones. The portrait and landscape modes are used. Depending on the variant of Live Roulette or Live BlackJack you can gamble upright or horizontally. This has the enormous advantage that in the latest games with live dealers the annoying scrolling while playing completely eliminated. Now everything is clearly recognizable and easy to use at a glance. However, the biggest benefit of going to live casino via the mobile casino is that you can risk an exciting game whenever you want with a smartphone whenever you want. Completely independent of where you are. The only condition is, there should be a stable internet connection.