Best Casino Bonuses

Online Casino BonusJust as in any other area, when asked which is the best online casino bonus, there are many different answers. After all, which welcome bonus is ultimately of interest to you depends largely on which strategy you personally pursue in an online casino. Do you prefer to play live casino than spend your time on the reels of slot machines? Do you prefer to gamble with high stakes and risk or are you rather the leisurely gambler, who gradually increases his own gaming account with small amounts? Or would you like to start with a bonus or deposit (either a real money amount or in the form of freebies)? This is exactly where the Best Online Casino Bonus for you personally comes in, because now there is the perfect welcome bonus for all types of players.

But like in real life, there are conditions, risks and advantages and disadvantages lurking here, if you use one of these bonuses. Therefore you will not only find the newest and best online casino bonuses of numerous reputable internet casino on this page, but also with all important information around this topic.

A real money welcome bonus almost always has to be played through multiple times. This means that you have to play through the deposited amount together with the granted bonus balance in a predetermined amount, for example 25 times. Only then will all available credit become real money and only then will you be ready to pay. In principle almost all bonuses called these so-called “play conditions”, also in English “Wagering Requirements”. There is an exception sometimes with free spins, since there are sometimes offers, which offer free spins without turnover conditions.
What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus gives you additional, playable credit in an online casino. This allows you to play after depositing with your own money and the additional bonus credit granted. The additional bonus credit is linked to certain bonus conditions that you have to fulfil as a player, so that the bonus credits granted will ultimately be used to pay out real money.

  • A casino bonus grants the player a higher, playable balance.
  • The casino bonus must be implemented by the player mostly several times.
  • After the implementation of the casino bonus, the bonus balance becomes real money.
  • After conversion of bonus credits into real money, one can pay off the won amount.

Which casino bonus is there?

When you visit an online casino for the first time, you can either receive a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus that gives you additional playable credit. If you are already a customer, there is a reload bonus for further deposits and a cashback, which will refund some of your losses as a casino bonus.

  • Bonus without deposit or free spins
  • Welcome bonus individually or staggered
  • Reload bonus for further deposits
  • Cashback bonus
  • Bonus Code for all forms of Casino Bonus
  • Casino bonus as profit from a slot machine tournament or a raffle

What are the advantages of a welcome bonus?

A Welcome Bonus, no matter what form it comes in, is first and foremost intended to excite you for an online casino in which you have not previously played. For this virtual gambling hall offers you extra credit that is beaten on top of your first personal deposit. This, also called Best Bonus, welcome gift will double or even multiply your first money depending on the virtual gambling hall. With this you can use the deposited money to make higher bets, play longer with your own money or make your own strategy more flexible. In addition to the no deposit bonus, the welcome bonus is a great way to thoroughly test the new online casino with little money. In addition, there is always a chance for you, always provided that luck is yours, that their increased, playable balance, even the profits you generate from it, turn out to be higher than without an online casino bonus. However, since a virtual gambling hall never has something to give away, even a welcome bonus is always tied to conditions and rules that you must fulfil in the end to earn from the granted bonus balance, payable caster.

Always make sure that using a welcome bonus almost always excludes the use of another online casino bonus created for new customers. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the various offers in advance in order to get the maximum, depending on your own strategy.

The unique online casino bonus

If you are looking for the best online casino bonus for you, you will inevitably wonder if you would prefer a simple welcome bonus or a staggered one. This decision depends entirely on you and your strategy. With the simple online casino bonus, a new internet casino grants you, as a new customer, a bonus amount on your first deposit, which can amount to many times your deposit depending on the virtual gambling hall. If you have fulfilled all bonus conditions to the fullest satisfaction, you will be exchanged after successful completion, all bonus credit into real money. This is then ready to pay you just like your own money. Here, however, it should be remembered that a multiple play through of the total amount, you can bring full profits, but also a total loss. Therefore, it is always worth reading the special rules of this online casino bonus. These can always be found in the terms and conditions of the corresponding Internet casino, the special action page or even when you look for Latest Daily Casino Bonuses.

With a one-time welcome bonus it is always worthwhile to compare it with the offered reload bonus. This will allow you to decide if an offered reload casino bonus is better or worse for you.

The reload welcome bonus rewards your loyalty

While you get all the bonus credit on a one-deposit simple welcome bonus, the staggered online casino bonus will require you to make multiple transactions. Thus, this is rather a mixture of welcome bonus and reload bonus. If you have a good feeling for a particular online casino from the beginning, offer of games and all other conditions to suit you, the staggered casino bonus is a good choice. It allows you to act more flexibly on deposits and gives you a longer total time to fulfil the bonus conditions, as these also come staggered. You always play through the current bonus first, before you make another deposit and start the same game from scratch. On the other hand, this staggered welcome bonus also has a few small drawbacks because you are tied to one and the same online casino for a long time in order to get the most out of this online casino bonus.

In some cases, Online Casino does not offer you an always available Reload Bonus. Here then the staggered welcome bonus is the only way to generate additional, playable credit with more than one deposit.

Is there also a best online casino bonus with free spins?

Free Spins on Casino SlotsIn addition to the welcome bonus, which grants you a fixed amount of bonus credit depending on the amount of your first deposit, there is also an online casino bonus for new customers with free spins. This can now be a contingent of free spins without deposit or after the first or several times deposit additional extra free spins on selected slot machines extra. If you’d rather take a bit more risk and want to keep up the chance of getting more out of the Welcome Bonus, then this is just what you need. Because here determines your luck at the slot machines on the amount of achievable bonus. This can be better or worse than the fixed amount. In most cases, an online casino bonus with free spins is linked to one or a certain number of slot machines. Thus, these granted free spins may only be used on the given slot machine. The resulting winnings become your personal bonus balance, which is then also subject to certain bonus terms before it becomes a payable balance. In addition to the chance of a higher bonus, the welcome bonus with free spins also has the advantage that here almost always only the bonus balance has to be converted several times later and not additionally the amount deposited. From time to time you will also find in the online casinos a mixture of all these variants. Free games can also be added to a fixed casino bonus on top of that.

With a welcome bonus with free spins, reading the bonus terms is especially important to you. Because it is for your maximum achievable bonus credit from the free spin of crucial importance, with how much paylines and which use these free plays are made available to you.

The bonus or coupon codes

Many real money casinos encrypt your starting credit for the first signup with so-called bonus or coupon codes. On the one hand, this has technical reasons when the bonus is triggered only with the code, on the other hand, it is often a marketing gimmick: coupon sounds just better than free welcome bonus.

The bonus code must either be entered at the time of initial registration at the same time as the personal data or redeemed after registration at the cash desk. There is also the option that the bonus code must be communicated to the casino via email or live chat. The bonus code can trigger both a no deposit bonus and free free spins. It may also be issued in connection with a deposit or may only be valid for selected games.

I do not like slot machines! – Is there an online casino bonus without slots?

With the steady expansion of live casinos in the virtual gambling halls and the increasing popularity of the players, there are also increased Welcome bonuses, which are aimed at the friends of roulette or blackjack. For a long time the lovers of classic casino games had to torment endless rounds through the slot machines, just to get the benefit of bonus credit. But luckily, time is long gone. More and more reputable online casinos are strengthening their offer, especially in the area of ​​live casinos, and so the number of special welcome bonuses for this area is also skyrocketing. If you like to play with live dealers and card games or roulette are your passion then this is your choice for the best casino bonus. The big advantage for you is that the bonus terms and playing through your bonus balance are tailored to your preferences in the live casino and you do not have to sacrifice time at the slot machine. Unlike the normal online casino bonus, which is aimed primarily at the friends of the slots, here roulette or blackjack fully contribute to the conditions, while in the classic variant only the slot games are rated with 100 percent.

This special welcome bonus for live casino gamers will be found especially in internet casinos, which have a very good live casino. It is also important here that all live casino games also work perfectly with a smartphone or tablet via the mobile casino.

The exotic welcome bonus

Just as with the special welcome bonus, which is aimed at the friends of the Live Casino, you will find, especially in very large online casino again and again exotic offshoots of these casino bonuses. Be it scratch cards, bingo, poker or other forms of online gambling, here you will find the best online casino bonus for you to suit your preferences. However, you should always keep in mind that these exotic offers will clearly restrict you in choosing the casino games to play through the bonus terms. However, if you prefer a particular genre anyway, then this welcome bonus is just right for you.

Most of these casino bonuses can not be found directly on the corresponding mainpage of an online casino, but directly in the corresponding subsection for the genre. From time to time a little browsing can be worthwhile for you.

The pitfalls of the bonus conditions

Whether or not an offer is the best online casino bonus for you depends above all on your own preferences. Whether you prefer to make several deposits or whether you prefer longer periods to play through the bonus balance, in the end you decide whether you like an offer or not. Because, in order to really make the most of a welcome bonus, it’s extremely important to get to know the bonus terms in advance. Not always the highest bonus amount is also the best casino bonus for you, because playing 100 times, for example in 7 days, is almost impossible and often ends in total loss. Therefore, you are always well advised to find a healthy balance between granted bonus credit and the time allowed to fulfil the terms. It is also important to look carefully, which genres in an online casino with what percentage contribute to fulfil the bonus conditions. Only then is it possible for you to pick the best individual online casino bonus for you.

Recently, the first online casinos to go on to play through the deposited amount. With these new welcome bonuses, you only have to play through the granted bonus balance multiple times.

Overview – all bonus types in online casinos

Bonus types Description Where can I find this on the CasinoAndChips page?
Welcome Bonus

Signup Bonus

Bonus of new customers will be assigned at the first registration with the casino Up here on the list or at the reputable online casinos
Bonus without deposit

No deposit bonus

Real money bonus at the first registration, must be implemented to get paid Since we have a separate page, where also the technical details of the bonus without deposit will be received
Free spins without deposit Free spins on selected slot machines on first login automatically There is also a separate casino free games overview with us.
Free spins with deposit Extra free shoots given on first deposit or multiple deposit Also found on the casino free spins page, see above.
Reload Bonus Bonus granted when recharging a player account The best recharge bonus can be found here on this page.
Live Casino Bonus Bonus, which only applies in Live Casino, see also table games If you are interested in more details and offers, then we recommend our live casino overview with providers and offers.
Roulette Bonus

Live Chat Bonus

Rare bonus that applies to roulette games. Why? Because the chances at roulette are “almost” 50/50 ? We work on it…
BlackJack Bonus Also rare, valid for blackjack We work on it…
Table games bonus

Table Game Bonus

Bonus for all table games valid We work on it…
Casino coupon

Bonus code

Voucher, which grants a bonus when handed over to the cashier. Mostly alphanumeric Vouchers and bonus codes can be found here.

The exclusive online casino bonus brings out the maximum

Exclusive Casino BonusYou have already decided on a new online casino or are looking for the best welcome bonus? Then you are on our website gold right, because we are, just like you, always looking for the best deals for our readers. With us you will find not only clearly arranged the best online casino bonuses all reputable online casinos, but also special and only for a certain time available welcome bonuses. These are not always available and not infrequently these are only intended exclusively for our readers. The big advantage of the very special online casino bonus that we offer you on our site is that you always get significantly more for your deposited money in this online casino. This may be a higher bonus amount or even additional free spins that are not granted to you if you check in directly at the corresponding internet casino. Therefore, it is always worthwhile for you to visit us from time to time on Facebook or directly on our site, and to secure the latest bonus codes or other online casino bonuses immediately. With us you are always up-to-date.

With our exclusive offers you should note that you can only use the better online casino bonus if you enter our online casino via our banners or special offers.