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Yggdrasil Casino It is not easy for new slot machine developers to be in the forefront of this highly competitive industry. But for a very young software company from Malta, this has actually been achieved in the last three years, as the growing number of Yggdrasil casinos impressively demonstrates. In this short period of time, the developer was not only able to convince the operators of online casinos of the quality of their own Yggdrasil slot machines, but also to take the hearts of many players by storm. But what makes the slots of the Maltese so special and why for discerning customers there is hardly a way to the Yggdrasil casinos, we now want to get to the bottom.

Casino Bonus in the Yggdrasil Casinos

Of course, as always, the question arises for us how it looks with the casino bonus in the Yggdrasil casinos and this can even be easily answered with "very good". Because of the popular welcome bonus, whether simple or staggered over a lot of free spins up to reload bonuses or cashbacks, here there is really everything and this not too close. Not infrequently, Yggdrasil casinos have many more developers under one roof than Malteser, so there is no limit to the number of slots required to fulfill bonus conditions. It is almost impossible to find the right slot machine here.

Of course, the casino bonus is different in the countless Yggdrasil casinos. For example, some grant a much higher welcome bonus, which usually has to be implemented much more often. Which of these different casino bonuses is right for you depends solely on your personal preferences and preferred strategy.

Which casino bonus is better?

This question is extremely difficult to answer, each player has different priorities. While some prefer to be on the safe side in a Yggdrasil Casino and are interested in a one-time welcome bonus, others prefer the risk quite authentically. And so there are different types for each type of player in these virtual establishments. A simple welcome bonus will, in most cases, bring you a doubling of your own paid-in money in the form of bonus credits. This must then simply be implemented several times according to the bonus conditions, so that potential profits can be paid out. For all customers with a risk appetite, a casino bonus with free spins is best suited, as the bonus balance to be obtained can even be significantly higher here. Because all profits, which you achieve with the received free spins, become bonus credits and so it lies in the end on personal luck how high this actually turns out.

Not infrequently you will even find in a Yggdrasil casino the welcome bonus a mixture of granted bonus credits and free spins before. This form is particularly well suited for customers who do not want to start at full risk, but in spite of this, are a little addicted to thrills.

No Deposit Bonus at Yggdrasil Casinos

Not sure yet if any of the various Yggdrasil casinos can convince you, then the no deposit bonus is probably the best deal for you. For as the name suggests, with this casino bonus you can test the virtual gambling halls in peace and quiet before using your hard earned coins. In most cases, simply registering in a Yggdrasil casino is enough and the bonus ends up without a deposit in the newly created player account. From time to time, however, you may not be able to find the No Desposit Bonus on a specific virtual arcade site. This may be because they only get it through a specific page, such as Casinoplusbonus.com.

Our many years of experience with online casinos has taught us that the question of a no deposit bonus in chat or by email to an internet casino is never wrong. Because many are ready to grant you this on request, even if it is not advertised officially. In Yggdrasil casinos this is no different.

Yggdrasil has been overwhelmed with prizes so far

A good indicator of the overall quality of a developer's game machines is, above all, the most important awards within the industry, most of which are awarded by a panel of competitors. And this is exactly where the outstanding position of the slot machines of the Maltese, which we may admire in the Yggdrasil casinos, shows. Already in its first year, the so-called EGR B2B Awards were the "Rising Star" award. In turn, in 2016, there were two reasons to topple the champagne corks twice, as Yggdrasil was once named "Slots Provider of the Year" and once again "Gaming Software Supplier of the Year". Last year, Malteser International even succeeded in defending the title of best online gaming machine vendors at the EGR B2B Awards. In addition, Yggdrasil was additionally awarded the title of "Innovator of the Year" at the no less prestigious International Gaming Awards. Especially the latter price clearly shows that above all the tremendous creativity of the ladies and gentlemen in the development team is a cornerstone for the success of the software company and the Yggdrasil casinos.

Yggdrasil belongs to the Swedish company Cherry AB, which operates well-known Sunmaker and CherryCasino online casinos. Of course, all these virtual gambling halls of this provider have the slots of the Maltese in the program. Another advantage is that these Yggdrasil casinos from Cherry AB are also equipped with a Schleswig-Holstein license.

Why are the Yggdrasil casinos so successful?

In addition to the sheer endless number of various forms of a casino bonus, it is above all the slots of the Maltese that are responsible for the increasing success of the Yggdrasil casinos. For example, if you are sitting in front of a slot machine of this developer for the first time, you inevitably feel reminded of the industry leader NetEnt from Sweden and this is undoubtedly meant as a compliment. Because just like the competitors from Scandinavia, shine the Yggdrasil slot machines with an absolutely convincing overall package. Both design, animations, game mechanics and fun are on an extremely high level here. Add to that the tremendous creativity of each bonus feature, which makes every Yggdrasil slot machine a little work of art.

With the Yggdrasil slot machines, the question no longer arises for you whether a slot can also be played via the mobile casino on a smartphone or tablet. Because all are programmed on the basis of Html5 and thus available for all devices.

The 5 best slot machines in the Yggdrasil casinos

With its range of slots, the manufacturer offers a rather colorful and, above all, varied range full of innovations and it is hardly surprising that these casino games are then regularly awarded. Exciting, lucrative features, clear risk margins and always the optimal overview of the events on the reels make Yggdrasil slot machines a must for all players on the Internet.

Choosing the best 5 slots in the Yggdrasil casinos is of course idle and we chose the most popular and attractive games. The manufacturer dominated from the souped up Fruit Machine to the Fantasy Slot with countless extras every subject and you can look forward to a captivating presentation with guaranteed good chances.

Vikings go Wild: Viking slot with many free spins

Dragon ships on the horizon, that means a lot of good chances in the Yggdrasil Casino and so Vikings go Wild is also quite popular and well known on the internet. The real slot with the grim, although on the rollers always mischievous looking Northmen has a graphically sophisticated surface, which can be great on the phone or just play on the PC. Also, the sound is very well programmed at Vikings go Wild by Yggdrasil and the payout ratio is given as 96.3%, a very high and promising value.

Vikings go Wild
The stakes start at 25 pennies already at one cent per line and who wants to fully exploit it, who can risk up to 100 euros for a spin with all lines. Highroller this Couleur can look forward to large sums in the win case, but stingy Vikings go Wild not even with groovy extras and machine features. There are Wilds, free spins for the Dragon sail, there are Sticky Wilds and a Treasure Chest for particularly attractive instant winnings on this noisy slot machine in the Yggdrasil casinos.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones: Detectives in Online Casino

This Slot brings us an exciting detective story on the rollers and actually belongs to Holmes and the Stolen Stones to the in-house classics with Yggdrasil. It was one of the first slots that made the manufacturer known and thanks to the clear but never monotonous surface, entertaining acoustics and unconditional playability on really all devices, the slot machine for fans is a must, especially as Holmes and the Stolen Stones are up for grabs an immense payout ratio of 96.8%.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones
The rollers are already moving for a penny, per line, mind you, and in total there are up to 20 paylines available. Makes 20 cents for a round at least, but of course you can also bet more and venture into risk with up to 40 euros. If it rings, then it's true, but the rocking extras at the detective slot Holmes and the Stolen Stones are worth a lot even in smaller stakes. For example, the Yggdrasil Casino has a bonus image that lets you collect and accumulate coins, as well as the free spins triggered by the golden scatter with the keyhole. There are also internal jackpots, which require several green diamonds.

Empire Fortune: Fruit Machine with progressive jackpot

Equipped with a thick extra pot, Empire Fortune is not just another Fruit Machine: The beautifully crafted symbols are classics from the gambling history and Yggdrasil shows that you can also shine in the nostalgic box! This fits the sound and it does not matter if you play this clear and very successful opened slot machine now on the PC with a large screen or just on the phone. The payout ratio at Empire Fortune is 94.3%.

Empire Fortune
The odds of winning are enormous, that's even going on in the normal missions. Empire Fortune has 20 paylines, which is almost typical of the Yggdrasil casinos, and players need to risk at least a dime per line. Also 5 Euro in the top are possible, so that the Highroller with this fruit slot can sometimes even popping 100 euros on the rollers! The clown is responsible as a scatter for winning free spins, which are always linked here with an up to 10 times multiplier. With the bonus image, which apparently adorns a Fabergé egg, there are three different bonuses or jackpots to win and on the wheel of fortune with different levels waiting for many more opportunities and exciting winning features.

Jungle Books: The Best Jungle Slot?

The Lianen-Schwinger is not so rare theme in the online casino and also Yggdrasil gives his mustard: Jungle Books is graphically and acoustically very sophisticated and offers the player a lot of variety, the presentation of course, fits all playground equipment. Interesting is also the character selection, which contributes to the chances of winning in the slot and the payout ratio of at least 96.1% at Jungle Books can be seen in the Yggdrasil casinos.

Jungle Books
Something funny and definitely original is the deployment structure. Even for 2 cents you can set the machine in motion and that goes up to 2 euros, with Jungle Books but then also has at least 58 lines to offer. Multiplied by the use is so there for the Highroller a lot in it, especially since there are still a few lines depending on the character played einheimsen. Wilds, multipliers, sticky re-spins and so on round off the game, so that in the Yggdrasil casinos a wild, colorful and above all very innovatively made slot machine is available.

Orient Express: A slot machine for the Belle Époque

Another highlight in the range of Yggdrasil casinos is Orient Express, this slot machine takes us into the very big time of France and you can pay off with the perhaps most famous train of history on the reels. Particularly fitting is the colorful optics, which comes up with neat brass, brocade and crystal and so drive a really vivid Orient Express through the casino. The whole thing has a programmed payout of 96.2% and that promises some pretty good chances.

Orient Express
Players can choose between the modes Paris, Venice, Belgrade and Istanbul, these are the classic stations of the Orient Express and at Yggdrasil the stop has an impact on the gameplay, especially in the free spins. There are thick extras with innovative wilds, plus multipliers and full-screen reels. Boredom is excluded here and who ever wanted to roar with a classic, famous train through the Yggdrasil casinos, is exactly right with this slot machine game.

Certain, outstanding features are only available in Yggdrasil casinos!

Another point that distinguishes the Yggdrasil casinos clearly from the gray mass are the sometimes unique and outstanding features that only work with the Slots of the Maltese. Here are two interesting features especially stand out. On the one hand, you can save up to a hundred of your last spins on the Yggdrasil slot machines, and you can even share a very specific, extremely successful shoot on social media. As a result, not only can you look forward to a successful profit spin, but all your friends on Facebook or Twitter with you. The second important feature, which only exists in this form with the Maltese, is the mission tool. This is mainly used in the popular slot tournaments and allows cross-slot missions that are varied and exciting at the same time.

The missions in the Yggdrasil casinos at the slot machine tournaments usually include 3 different slots. For example, in a slot game, you need to collect a certain number of a given symbol or, in the case of another slot machine, have multiple free spins. The combination options are set here no limits. That's why Yggdrasil Casinos are among the virtual gambling halls that offer the largest number of tournaments and sweepstakes throughout the year. There are also lots of casino bonuses, free spins and even the most coveted cash to win.

What does it look like off the slots at Yggdrasil Casino?

Over the last 3 years, Yggdrasil has built an excellent reputation among customers and operators with its slot machines. Innovative features that are unique in the industry as a whole, very high quality and high payout ratios are the bottom line for the success of Yggdrasil casinos. Exactly these points the developer now also promises in other areas of online gambling. So soon, in addition to the popular slots, also various table games such as roulette or blackjack will be available. These merge the best features of two worlds, namely the live casino and the fast-paced game against an AI. In addition, Yggdsrasil is now also active in bingo and also wants to revive the genre in this field, especially with innovation. A look away from the slot machines can definitely not hurt.

Of course, Yggdrasil casinos also have real good live casinos with countless variants of live roulette, live baccarat and live blackjack. However, these are not from the Maltese themselves, but from other developers like NetEnt. In addition, in most of the Yggdrasil casinos even the popular Dream Catcher with bonus playable, which is ideal with very fast runes for the fans of the slots.