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Slot Machine Bonus Tips – Play slot machines for free

Free Slots In all the various forms of a slot machine casino bonus, the free bonus on selected slot machines is the most common little attention that a slot machine casino will bring to you. However, it can sometimes be quite complicated, with all the different types, to find out the actually perfect variant for yourself. After all, not only are the thousands of slots partially different in their game mechanics from each other, but also the preferences and strategies of the players are virtually limitless. Therefore, on this page, we not only want to show you the best methods that can be found on the net for free slot machines, but also bring you a little closer to the different subtleties.

Free slot machine bonus tips in the overview

Here you will find everything about the topic of online slot machines for free in the slot machine casino. Whether you are looking for a no deposit deposit bonus, free spins for popular slot machines or a free real money bonus - we have them all - reputable, tested and of course, instantly!

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  • Slot machines free with free spins
  • Real money bonus at online slot machines
  • Slots with real money free spins upon registration
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The different types of slot machines for free with bonus credit

The slot machine bonus is most likely one of the types, which grants you a so-called bonus credit when you claim. You can use this almost as well as real money and thus complete spins at the slots. However, this bonus is tied to wagering requirements that must be met first before it becomes real money and can thus be paid out.

Attention: On this page we only look at the possibilities that are offered when registering for an online casino at the slot machines. These are so diverse to get free charcoal that we ignore the flash games – just adults here!

Especially popular are free Novoline and free Merkur slot machines, but unfortunately these are very little available in german-speaking countries and if so, then mostly as fakes or have been cloned. In the absence of these manufacturers, especially the provider Play n' Go has grown in the years, and with the Slot “Book of Dead” took over the market shares of “Book of Ra”.

So that you do not lose track of the different variants, we have listed here for you the most important methods for playing online slot machines for free.

  • Free slot machine bonus on sign up and deposit
    This is by far the most common slot machine bonus and will be given to you on your first deposit in an online casino. This additional, playable balance must be converted to a large percentage of the slots (table games are added to the wagering conditions to a smaller percentage or not at all). This can be, for example, 10 times, 20 times or 45 times. Once this is done, the amount won is usually converted into real money and ready to be paid out.
  • Free slot machines from a no deposit bonus at first sign up
    Often Internet casinos advertise new players with a small no deposit bonus, which also almost always has to be taken at the slots. This free bonus is great for testing a new virtual gambling hall because you do not need to use or pay for any real money. However, you should definitely read the bonus terms and conditions carefully. Often, this bonus is limited to no deposit in the amount that can be paid out at most after playing through.
    Important! In not every slot machine casino is allowed for each slot of the slot machine bonus. Sometimes this is limited to given roller games or even coupled to a single, specific slot.
  • Slot machines free with free spins only upon registration
    Also frequently encountered is the slot machine bonus with free spins and again you are often faced with the question of which is now the best for you. In contrast to the classic casino bonus, the bonus balance to be obtained is not fixed here, as this is determined by the profit you generate from your received free spins. It is important to note that you can get much more playable credit here or less. This always depends on your luck at the slots. The most important variants of a slot machine bonus with free spins can be found here in an overview.
  • Free slot machines with extra free spins on the first deposit
    Many online casinos today offer you the option of choosing between a casino bonus with immediate bonus credit or a free spins bonus on your first deposit. The latter is always a pure slot machine bonus, as the obtained free spins can only be used here. The profits you earn personally from the extra spins are then converted into bonus credits, which can be significantly higher or lower than the classic casino bonus. For risk-taking players, the free spins bonus is therefore the first choice.
  • The slot machine bonus with free spins from a no deposit bonus
    Many customers like the Slot Machine Bonus with Free Spins, which you receive from a no deposit casino bonus. These are often referred to as free free spins. However, these are much less likely to test a new online casino because with this pure slot machine bonus you are only limited to this single genre. It can also happen that this free spins bonus only applies to a specific slot. For example, NetEnt's Starburst is a very popular slot machine for those no-deposit bonuses with free spins.
    Important! Almost always, the free spins granted in a slot bonus are tied to specific slots, so be sure to read the bidding rules carefully. Sometimes the free spins are coupled to a single slot machine or to the slots of a particular developer.

Are slot machines also free with real money?

In fact, slot machines have been gaining more and more bonuses for a while, bringing you instant real money instantly. Due to the increasingly stringent rules of the supervisory authorities, individual virtual-casinos have already passed on to grant you a real-money bonus instead of bonus credits when registering. However, most of the time, you will not be able to withdraw these gifted Euronen immediately, as this would be an absurd minus deal for the operator. Rather, here are some rules, usually a multiple play through of the granted real money bonus, available, you have to meet in order to withdraw the money. Also for this category we have a small overview for you.

Real money slot machine tips

The real money bonus for play car authorities in an on-line casinos is always granted to you on a first deposit as new customers, if the virtual gambling hall offers this form. For the most part, this is only offered by internet casinos, which have generally said goodbye to the classic system of casino bonuses. That is why you will find hardly any rules for bonus credit here. However, the real money bonus may well be tied to a certain playthrough of the granted amount.

In the form of real money free spins

Another interesting form of a real money bonus in an online casino concerns the popular free spins. Meanwhile, there are already some virtual gambling halls that offer you real money free spins on your first deposit. These immediately generate real credit, which can be brought directly to the payout as well after the use of the extra revolutions. In many cases, the number of free real money spins is tied to the amount of your first deposit. Here are no bonus conditions, but freespins are often linked to certain slot machines.

Important! A real money cash bonus with no conditions, whether with free spins or not, you will not find often in a casino online (except for us!). This would be for the house in question in a very short time an enormous loss business, so you are always tied to terms of sales at slot machines. There are exceptions, however, that slot machine free games are sometimes without sales conditions but then a maximum cash-out is set.

Slots Tips as a bonus for slots with progressive jackpots

A very special treat among the slot machines bonuses is this form. Because some online casinos allow you to gamble with your slot machine bonus on a slot with progressive jackpot. Here you can go with your received bonus balance or the Moneten from a real money bonus on the hunt for the thick Zaster. The nice thing is that if you actually clear the progressive jackpot, it will be paid to you as well. For while your maximum winnings may be limited to free spins, for example, this does not apply to a jackpot. However, it does matter whether you have used a no deposit bonus (which is always blocked for jackpots) or a classic casino bonus with a percentage increase. However, you should first read the terms and conditions and bonus terms in the relevant online casino, which bonus is actually allowed at jackpot machines.

Interesting! Among the most well-known slots with progressive jackpot, which can be gambled also with a slot bonus, are definitely Mega Moolah of Microgaming and Fortune Dreams of NetEnt. Not infrequently, the jackpot climbs in no time on a high million amount.

Find your perfect slot machine bonus

There is no perfect slot machine bonus for every type of player, but it depends on whether you love the risk or are more reserved. This also raises the question of whether you first want to test a particular online casino or have already decided to try your luck here. The rough sense is that risk-taking players are more likely to resort to a slot machine bonus with free spins, and those who play it safe will become a classic with bonus credits. However, if you are completely fed up with compulsively playing through your bonus balance, a slot machine with a real money bonus and free spins in one of the virtual gambling halls that already offer it is suitable for you. However, if you only want to test the online casino, the bonus without deposit is still the first choice.