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eSports BonusFor a long time the fans of eSports were only mildly ridiculed and not really taken seriously by other athletes. What should be the playing on the computer or the console with real sports to do, at least for a long time saw the representatives of sports associations. But in recent years there seems to be a certain amount of rethinking in the public sphere, as prize money in the millions and the increasing professional marketing show that there is still a huge amount of potential in this area of ​​sport, just waiting to be lifted. Millions of players around the world now play countless tournaments, are organized in all sorts of leagues and more and more financially strong companies pump gigantic amounts of money into this new area. TV channels and Internet TV today offer a lot of live games to their viewers and make this fascinating sport more and more people known. But until the eSport reached its present, unfortunately still insufficient, recognition and has even made it to the sports betting and online casino providers, shows a small glimpse into history.

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Of course, not only the history of eSports is interesting. The more online casinos deal with the topic, the more often it will of course be great promotions, such as an eSports bonus. With this bonus even inexperienced eSports fans can make their first bets and do not have to be particularly annoyed if their favorite does not win once. Please keep in mind that if you have an eSports bonus you will also be asked for bonus or turnover conditions from the casino. Read these thoroughly before using the eSport Bonus.

eSports – history and facts

One of the most important evolutionary drivers in nature and above all in humans is competition. Whether in the field of business, hunting for the right partner or in sports, the drive to be better than the rest is always the key to progress, innovation and development. Especially in sport, which is always preferable to a war, human competition has been an important part of culture for millennia and has even produced the most important sporting event of our planet, the Olympic Games. With the emergence of computers and video games, it was self-evident that here too the competition among gamblers became an important driving force in the development of this area. Already in 1972, the first eSport teams dueled in the universities at Pong and hit the square pixel ball just around the ears. Even the later arcade machines from Atari or Nintendo with their rankings, which enabled a comparison of their own performance with other players, use the competition in the electronic field. The next big step was taken with the development of game consoles, as it was finally possible to compete against each other at home with friends in numerous games. The first competitions, which can actually be described as the birth of eSports, came with the increasing popularity of the Internet.

Already in 1980, Atari hosted a major Space Invaders competition in which over 10,000 players participated. Nintendo also hosted its so-called 1990 World Cup in the United States, which won gold Nintendo modules at that time.

With the Internet came the breakthrough for eSports

With the increasing performance increase of computers it was now possible for the first time to play with each other via networks. At the so-called first LAN parties, friends met for joint gambling to compete against each other in various games. Especially the area strategy and first-person shooters were of great interest to the then first eSportsmen, because here it was possible to fight for the victory both in the individual as well as in the team. In this time also fall the first major tournaments, which met on LAN with some hundreds of players on the interest of, then called nerds, adolescents. But there was still a catch, because not everyone had great interest in dragging his PC everywhere and from time to time catching a virus on the LAN network and so until the “Internet for All” the eSport remained rather one elitist circle reserved for gamers. With the advent of DSL and the associated increase in speed, the increasingly affordable components for the PC and the fixation of game developers on multiplayer began the triumph of eSports. In North America, Europe, and Asia, the first clans, today known as teams or teams, formed their first competitions over the Internet.

Especially in Asia, eSport became extremely popular at the end of the 1990s, and for the first time it was widely and aggressively disseminated. As early as 2000, the Korean E-Sports Association was founded in South Korea as the first umbrella organization in the world in this field.

The single variant for the lone fighters

One of the most interesting details about eSport is the wide range of different sports that can be contested in the individual competition as well as in the team. For the solo section, strategy games are the most appropriate, in which the eSportman usually builds bases, builds them and then has to conquer the headquarters of the opponent. A typical representative of this genre was Blizzard’s Starcraft, which was a fixture in the sport for almost a decade. This game was only replaced by its successor Starcraft II. Both titles belong to typical class of single-player games and enjoy in South Korea and Asia extremely popular. Tournaments are celebrated here in large halls with thousands of spectators and a live broadcast on television. The best eSportsmen in South Korea achieve the status of popidols. Equipped with numerous advertising contracts and the earned prize money here reach the top athletes six-figure annual income.

In addition to the strategy titles, football simulations such as FIFA by EA Sports are another important field in eSports. Here, too, individual athletes compete in big tournaments and leagues and compete for huge sums of money.

In the multiplayer, only teamwork counts

The second and more important area in eSports is the team sport. Again, there are mainly strategy games on the menu of the audience, but also the field of first-person shooters has its stars here. The most important factors for team sport in the eSport area, as in any other team competition, include cooperation and coordination in a group. In strategy games, two titles in particular stand out clearly from the crowd. DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the absolute big names in eSports right now, capturing millions of sports fans in front of the teleshirings via live streams and TV broadcasts. In teams of 3 or 5 players, enemy bases are conquered here or the opposing hero is eliminated to ultimately win the virtual field. As with other sports, there is a team captain who is primarily responsible for the strategy and the lightning fast decisions to be made in the game. Meanwhile, it has become common practice for the teams to meet for a training camp before a big tournament and work on a variety of tactics and strategies for a few days or even weeks.

With the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the genre of first-person shooters also has a crowd pull and also attracts with hefty prize money. The brand Counter Strike is also since its establishment repeatedly target of attacks by politicians media guardians and youth advocates, because they do not see this sport or competition, but a violent computer game.

Esports can be played both on the PC and via the console

In today’s eSport both console and computer players find their niches and for some years they can even compete against each other in common leagues. The most important requirement for participation is a fast and stable Internet connection, because without them a failure is inevitable. Every command to a character should be able to be implemented as quickly as possible and also the structure of the game world must be done quickly, otherwise the eSportsman runs the risk of not being able to perceive important components in the game fast enough. In addition to the Internet connection, especially the keyboard, the mouse or in some video games and the gamepad are the most important things, because even a tennis player can do little without a professional racquet. Here, the main focus lies in the longevity and the very fast response time of the keys, because pro-gamers, as with Starcraft II, achieve more than 300 mouse clicks per minute. Also, the processors, the RAM and the graphics card should be up to date in order to achieve the best possible results. For consoles, in turn, the next generation’s mandatory purchase is required.

In addition to the technical aspects, exactly the same rules apply in eSports as in other sports. A lot of training, diligence, ambition and perseverance, plus team skills and a very good eye-hand coordination are indispensable prerequisites for a successful eSport career.

eSports unfortunately not yet fully recognized

Anyone who would like to get involved in eSports has plenty of opportunities to pursue their dream of a professional career in numerous leagues, because in their own country and, above all, globally there are leagues like sand on the sea. The ESL Pro Series is probably the best known and most prestigious league and is subject to the internationally active Electronic Sports League. The Championship is determined here in the areas of Starcraft II, Leagues of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the FIFA series of EA. Each year, there are a total of three major championships and at the end of the year, the four best individual players and teams compete against each other in their own LAN tournament in order to finally crown champions. Theoretically, any gamer can start in these leagues, but only the best players and teams will later come to the big tournaments, which are also endowed with prize money. Unfortunately, unlike in Brazil, the United States and China, pro-gamers in eSports are still fighting to be officially recognized as a sport.

The most important international tournaments are usually geared towards a specific game and usually also co-financed and supported by the respective game developer. The StarCraft II World Championship Series, the League of Legends World Championship, the Major (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and The International (DOTA 2) are considered the most prestigious tournaments in the world, with the highest prize money. Here, the sums go in some cases far into the double-digit million range.

The increasing popularity makes eSport also interesting for sports bets

How great the interest in eSports has become in the meantime, can be measured not only by the increase in the annual prize money distributed, but also by the increased interest of numerous operators of online casinos and sports betting to include this digital sport in their portfolio. Just a few days ago, Tipbet set up a dedicated area for eSport on its online platform. With the help of Betradar, the provider will not only offer bets on eSports in the future, but with the implementation of their own streaming channel, they will also be able to make ESL tournaments available to their own customers, so that they too can enjoy their beloved live bets can do. Although eSports is not yet recognized as a sport of its own in this country, this will probably change over time should media interest and the increasing involvement of global companies in this area continue. Some bookmakers have already recognized the potential that lies dormant in this still relatively young digital sport, and in the coming weeks and months, other online casinos and their betting department will jump on the bandwagon, leaving all the many eSportsmen wishing that In the not too distant future, they will pay off their commitment and hard work in this sport and get the recognition they deserve.