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Betsoft Casinos – No Deposit Bonus & Free Spins

Betsoft Casino Anyone who has ever taken the time to look around in a Betsoft casino, which should certainly have quickly noticed that here modern slot machines to good sound. Whether via the PC or the mobile casino via smartphone, the slots offered here are among the best that can currently be found on the gambling market. But not only the fans of modern, 3D-animated slot games get their money's worth in the Betsoft casinos, as the rich offer of other online casino games impressively proves.

Betsoft casinos have stood for high quality for more than 10 years!

At the same time, when King Koenig was still ruling the World Cup in his own country, the developer Betsoft on Malta set out to conquer the online casinos of the world. The lady and gentlemen of the small island can certainly be considered as one of the founding fathers of modern slot machines. Right from the beginning, Betsoft consistently relied on high-quality 3D animations that quickly made it possible to forget the dusty image of old-fashioned slots with pixel graphics. But these animations are not just a bauble, but always part of a story that underlies the Betsoft slot machines and let these slots in the online casinos stand out clearly from the measures.

Another point for the ongoing enthusiasm for the Betsoft slot machines among us online casino players is the tremendous creativity of the developer. Again and again, the Maltese succeeds in surprising us with interesting, new game mechanics, bonus features and never-before-used topics.

The casino bonus in the Betsoft casinos leaves nothing to be desired!

For many of us, a really good casino bonus is often one of the main reasons to check in a new virtual gambling hall. However, such a great welcome bonus makes little sense if the range of slot machines and other gambling products can not convince. And this is exactly where Betsoft casinos play their real strength, because not only the different variants of a casino bonus are waiting for us, but also the portfolio of games can convince. There are hardly any limits to the bandwidth of the welcome bonus, for example, and you can often choose between a one-time casino bonus on the first deposit or a staggered one. Also, free spins as a welcome bonus for risk-taking gamblers are not uncommon. In addition to the different variants for new customers, however, Betsoft casinos also offer additional casino bonuses, ranging from the reload bonus to cashback and special loyalty programs.

No online casino just has something to give away and so almost always the casino bonuses, no matter in what form, according to certain rules and bonus conditions. In order to actually benefit from a casino bonus, it is important to actually abide by the given rules, because should this be violated, the profits are gone and the frustration big. Therefore, before using a casino bonus in a Betsoft casino necessarily the terms and conditions and the bonus terms should be thoroughly read!

What is the advantage of having a no deposit bonus in a Betsoft casino?

A no deposit bonus in a Betsoft casino can be a wise decision for several reasons. On the one hand, it is ideal for players who have not gambled on a slot from this developer yet and who would like to test it without risking it. On the other hand, the no deposit bonus also allows you to familiarize yourself with the entire portfolio of the Betsoft casino to find out if it meets their own expectations and expectations. Similar to the Welcome Bonus, this variant, often called No Desposit Bonus, can be offered in different ways. Thus, there is often the choice between a bonus without deposit in the form of bonus credit or this is generated by free spins and the resulting profits.

A no deposit bonus used will almost never affect the welcome bonus as it can also be used once you have actually decided to make a first deposit. However, you should keep in mind that almost any bonus with no deposit in the maximum win, because they can achieve this, is strictly limited. Therefore, this form of casino bonus is really mainly for testing whether the corresponding Betsoft casino like one or not.

The eternal agony of choosing the right casino bonus

Frequently customers ask themselves in a Betsoft casino which Casinos bonus for them personally is best suited for now. After all, this welcome bonus can be simple, staggered, or free spins. All variants have their own strengths and weaknesses, but at the same time allow a great deal of flexibility, so that each type of player can find the suitable one for himself. A simple casino bonus usually waits with a high bonus balance on the first deposit. This is especially interesting if only once bonus conditions are to be met over a short period of time. The staggered welcome bonus, in turn, is aimed at types of players who want to spend significantly longer time in a Betsoft casino and thus also without problems equal several times the turnover conditions can complete without any time problems. There is the advantage that with up to 4 or 5 of the first deposits a bonus credit can be generated. The last variant, which is clearly aimed at risk-taking players, are the free spins on the first deposit. Because here is the bonus balance from the profits generated from the free spins. This can be much higher than the granted bonus credit of the normal casino bonus, but just as much lower.

Very often, Betsoft casinos now offer a welcome bonus from granted bonus credits with additional free spins on top. Here, the bonus terms should be read carefully, as with the free spins and when playing with bonus credit certain maximum bets must not be exceeded!

With payout rates beyond the 95 percent, the bear is stepping

The most important pound with which Betsoft casinos and the gaming machines of the developer of the same name can score with us are the extremely good payout rates of over 95 percent. Together with the high quality of the presentation, the amusing stories that still entertain us and the modern technology, these are all the main reasons for the continued success of Betsoft casinos. What's more, this developer was one of the first to make the leap from the insecure standard Flash to the much better Html5. Therefore, for us customers, the question no longer arises whether a new Betsoft slot machine can also be played in the mobile casino when it is published via the smartphone. It does not matter if you are sitting on the PC or on the tablet, everything is clearly structured and runs smoothly, assuming a decent internet connection, of course.

In addition to the new Betsoft slot machines, the developer from Malta has already started reprogramming older slots for the new standard Html5. As a result, many of the old classics are now also available via the mobile casino.

Fans of classic table games get their money's worth at the Betsoft casinos

Not infrequently, everything focuses on the slot machines in an online casino, but fortunately Betsoft also offers a wide range of classic table games. The developer already has in his portfolio more than 20 representatives of this genre, in which we compete against an AI at Roulette or BlackJack. But not only fans of roulette, baccarat or blackjack get their money's worth, because in the Betsoft casinos also much less known, but no less exciting, table games waiting for a discovery. If you would like to play a round of Craps, Hot Dog, 3 Card Rummy or Top Card Trumps like in a real casino, this is definitely the place to be.

Betsoft casinos are a true revelation especially for the loyal fans of classic table games. Hardly any other developer has to offer such a rich and above all diversified offer in this genre as Betsoft. It should also not be forgotten that the ladies and gentlemen from Malta still come up with almost 30 variants of the popular video poker.

Top 5 slot machines from Betsoft

The slot machines by Betsoft are a visual treat thanks to 3D presentation. The stories and themes of the slots convince the players in the online casinos and with a bit of luck you can get some big profits. As a renowned and popular manufacturer, Betsoft is also tested and guarantees fair processes and algorithms on the reels, so you can play safely here about the jackpots. Incidentally, this is not a problem on the mobile phone, because the slot games are lavish and colorful, but they always pay attention to compatible resolution even on the smallest gaming devices like the smartphone.

Thematically shows in the Betsoft casinos often a sugar sweet, just lovable surface with chirping birds or just with lots of candy. This is originally linked with efficient profit features, and the payout ratio is always in the green for the slots of this software developer! Here you will find casino games about the mafia as well as goblins, candy and devilish ladies, which guarantees not only excitement and variety, but very reliable and a high payout.

Sugar Pop: A sugar sweet jewel slot

Alone the huge payout rate of 97.06% is actually a call to play Sugar Pop by Betsoft! The slot machine, which looks like a jewel slot at first glance, has five rollers, but that looks more like a bag of smarties and the surface is quite original. Also reminds a little of Candy Crush and such social games, even though you can of course win and risk money in the Betsoft casinos. The Candy Machine, with its colorful backdrop and delicious looking extras, will be an opportunity for those who like slimming gems in the broadest sense of the word.

Sugar Pop
Betsoft stores start at two cents in Betsoft candy stores, which goes up to 50 cents and is charged, but Sugar Pop has no paylines. In principle, all profit paths are possible and you should also look at the paytable of the machine, which is important and recommendable anyway. The extras are paddled in Betsoft Casino and it's all about the special candies: Lollipop, peanut butter and cotton candy are just a few of these treats, all packed with free spins, re-spins, additional jokers and instant winnings lucrative entertainment. And by the way: Sugar Pop 2 by Betsoft is already in the planning and will be presented with similar deliciousness in the casino!

The Slotfather 2: The half-baked slot machine for the mafia

At least on the subject, but of course everyone can play this blast, of which The Slotfather 2 already made the first slot caused a sensation in the Betsoft casinos. This is due to the bombastic presentation with all the nasty Visagen, the brilliant sound and of course the game system itself, where you can use thanks to the extras equal to a very pleasing payout of 95.7%. The rollers and pictures shine in 3D, that's a feast for the eyes, there are animations for best entertainment in the online casino.

The Slotfather 2
The risk is manageable: With 243 profit paths the coin values ​​start with a cent and that reaches up to one euro and from it you can use then up to 5 coins. Such split-up casino games are advantageous in the use, because the up-and-down rules and flexibility is very important for players anyway. In addition, there are the actual features of The Slotfather 2, the Betsoft criminally good features missed: There is Wild and Scatter, the latter as a cash transporter good for free spins, plus the Big Boss bonus with cash profits. The gangster bonus pictures of the crooks fill the whole roller, a super joker quasi, which opens up more chances to win.

4 Seasons: Asian calendar with childish effect!

The famous behavioral scientist Kindchen has found out that we find the faces of babies and baby animals for evolutionary reasons sweet and cuddly and this theme is the Betsoft slot machine 4 Seasons for the template. On the five reels, the Chinese New Year is prepared, with dog and cock and cat, all of course with particularly large eyes looking for the Knuddefaktor. The payout ratio of exactly 95% is totally fine, especially as in Betsoft Casino, the Slot 4 Seasons trumps with a lot of features and you should look to the security sometimes even in the payouts with this wealth of explanations!

4 Seasons
Like most of the time with this manufacturer, the coins can be split: One penny is enough to make the rollers move, up to one Euro, with a total of 30 paylines. If you want you can also bet 5 coins, that's up to your strategy! The symbols change every 30 laps and the Seasonal Wheel has different multipliers at the start. The seasons also play a lucrative role, you should also be on block wins with Sticky Symbols and then there's the ominous golden cat with the eternal shaky arm, which is in the Betsoft Casino at 4 Seasons then the most coal worth.

Birds: The colorful birds on the clothesline in the casino

Granted, this colorful slot machine game with twittering main characters is again a Betsoft cuddly slot, and if you play Birds on the iPad or on a slightly larger screen, then this graphic orgy becomes even more fun – plus a fat chance to win! Here, the software company has really pulled all the stops in 3D, this is best casino entertainment without compromise. With a payout ratio of 95.80, Birds is also nominally well placed. The trick then shows up with every spin: There are no 5 reels turning as usual, but the ladies and gentlemen birds are fluttering away and landing again on the clothesline, which then makes the corresponding combinations possible.

Up to 5 coins or coins can be risked and split, in the increasing ratio of at least one and a maximum of one cent per round. Highroller can be as well set up as beginners, with Birds by Betsoft quite well programmed as an entertaining overall package for all types of players. Next to the leash you will find the Free Flights Meter, where you can earn up to 7 such free spins and then there is a particularly fat game, of course, originally presented as a kind of bird of paradise.

Good Girl, Bad Girl: The gender roles in the online casino

At Betsoft, the topic is gender and all the discussions about men and women are less important, after all, you can win a lot of coal very original with the devilishly ingenious slot machine Good Girl, Bad Girl. Here are the angelic ladies as well as the diabolical devil women and cliché of course, really fat profit opportunities wait thanks to a payout of 97.79% .The very lushly designed 5 reels can be equipped with inserts between two and fifty cents, the coin values ​​are sufficient at Betsoft usually usual up to a factor of 5.

Good Girl, Bad Girl
In the paytable, the many extras are well explained and you can play as a good girl with lower risk and as a bad girl with a little more risk. The Wild Symbols are also divided between the Spheres, including the infernal pitchfork as well as the halo on each page of this epic duel. For instant winnings, gift boxes in white or black are waiting! With the Money Wheel Bonus, there are still jackpots to cash in at the Betsoft Casino for Good Girl, Bad Girl and certainly ladies and gentlemen in the online casino will experience thrilling moments here.

In the Betsoft casinos, a developer seldom comes alone

A Betsoft Casino, which solely relies on the slot machines and gambling of this one developer, is hard to find, but more manufacturers are available here. And just as with the casino bonus, the offered portfolio can sometimes differ quite clearly. For us players, however, this is a clear advantage, because so everyone can choose the appropriate Betsoft Casino, which suits you best. All have in common that high quality standards are met, because the elaborate slot machines with 3D animations run only with the latest technology.

Before deciding to sign up for a particular Betsoft casino, it's always worth taking a look at the wider gambling offering and which manufacturers are also offered. As a result, you can often kill several birds with one stone and play their favorite slots under one roof.

A good live casino is standard in almost every Betsoft casino

The sophisticated technology that Betsoft Casinos need to keep their slots running smoothly means that a very good live casino is also standard. Although the Maltese are not active in this field themselves, here are sizes such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming from Novomatic take over this job. Whether live roulette, live blackjack or other games with live dealers, in Betsoft casinos, these are always gambling and this even without compromising on the quality of the mobile casino. Because just as the modern Html5 is standard at the Maltese for a few years, so today is no longer in the Live Casino on the smartphone without this.

More and more frequently, you can even find a live casino bonus in these virtual arcades. This often eliminates playing through the bonus balance on the slot machines and you can complete the terms of sales directly in the games with live dealers. A closer look at the offers and promotions offered can certainly not hurt here!